DEFECT release

Greetings unicyclists

DEFECT, Syko Productions latest and greatest DVD will be available first from
Bedford Unicycles in Toronto.

Anyone who has pre-ordered the DVD from Bedford Unicycles will have their copy sent out in the next day or so !

Anyone wanting to order a copy can do so by calling 416-729-9696 or sending a e-mail to
You can pick up your copy at the shop as well.

Price is 24.00 US mailed anywhere in the USA,
30.00 CDN mailed anywhere in Canada.

This is one Killer must have DVD !!! Order yours now !!!

Be the first to see it ! Dan has outdone himself once again !


WHAT DEFECT IS OUT ? I thought it was suposed to be on the 16th I pre-orderd my copy from syco tho… i wonder if Ima get it sooner then I expected

Bedford Unicycles will get the DVD’s before Syko will due to the location of manufacture (Toronto).


ahhh ! im so dumb I shoulda pre-orderd from you haha … oh well thats life

dANG! me 2 (ordered from syko)

i guess i’ll wait until i get back from muni weekend for the dvd :frowning:

isnt it being sold @ CMW?

email sent…looks like my lazyness to pre-order may have worked for me this time.

(Bedford continues to rule!)

Doh, I would have ordered from Darren also but for once I didn’t procrastinate!!! But I guess I did get the nifty T-shirt deal by preordering from Syko.

Now im happy

because I pre-ordered defect in end of august.

Anoter good job by darren

I’m both happy and sad…

just today I ordered from syko, but I got a tshirt, so it works out.


Ahhhhh, now I’m going to have to avoid spoliers and other people’s gloating until I get mine! Haha, oh well the 16th will come soon enough and I still would of ordered it through syko because of the T-Shirt.

I like spoilers…

I dont know what a spoiler is

oooh i think i know

It means when you get your DVD send Cegli emails all about what happens in it :smiley:

Ok thanks I will probably do it just to cegli :stuck_out_tongue: (lol joke)

Haha, yeah make sure to make systematic list of every trick, location, and anything else of interest that is done in the movie, in order :p. Maybe even make a powerpoint presentation with bullet points and pictures, haha.

Haha, Hilarious :D. Seriously though, that did actually make me laugh.