Defect or UNiVERSE 2

Hey all,
I was wanting to get either Defect, or UNiVERSE 2! But im not sure which one to get, i will eventually get them both, but i want to get the better one at first for more inspiration!

Im getting them thru UDC Aus, they r quite pricy, so im not gonna get them both at the same time. So could somebody please give me a few reviews on both movies and which one is the better out of the two.


Defect is longer, and has better tricks in it.

that’s right rupert, order defect!

Ive never seen defect but I have seen universe 2. from what I hear defect is much better than any other unicycling movie. But universe 2 is pretty sweet.

My opinion only: Universe 2 has more muni type riding, Defect has more street stuff. Both are amazing so you can’t go wrong.

Imho Defect is the one you should order first.
Universe 2 is awesome too but Defect goes way beyond that. It´s the one film that gives me more motivation to go riding every time I watch it.

I agree. Both awesome. Defect first.

yeah,not much Muni in Defect…the U2 DVD also has the bonus movie “rough terrian unicycling” on it, thats a major piece of muni history and about 30 minutes long. the unicycle,com add its pretty funny too.

if you are going to get both eventually, I would get universe 2 first. the tricks in defect make lots of the tricks in U2 seem dated.

either one would be a great first dvd, so it would be better for your second one to be even better, methinks.

have you looked at his prices include shipping in aus

i like U2 better than defect,because im a muni rider and in defect there isn’t much muni at all. In U2 theres alot of sweet Muni and trials and streeet.

ok sweet, thanx for all the info:) im a trials/street rider more than muni, so i will get defect first!
i just ordered it thru UDCA, so it should come pretty soon, cant wait :smiley:

thanx once agen for all the info

You wont be sorry Defect the sweetest movie yet