Defect on iPod?

I have the DVD, but I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to get this amazing movie on an iPod.

Any ideas?

At first I thought you were saying your iPod had a defect. If you are on a Mac, heres how to do it:

Rip the dvd to your computer, convert with whatever program you have into the video settings Ipods use, then load it on.

I used to use quicktime 7 pro to do converting, but I now use SUPER a lot more.

Works for my dads and my sisters iPods.

If anything though, a google search would be better to do than here, cause this topic ahs thousands of search results, guides, videos, and programs made just for this type of thing.

Thanks to you both for the quick responses. I’m decrypting it right now.

It’s all about where you draw the line with relation to unicycling. Defect is a unicycling dvd so I would say that it is indeed related to unicycling.

Also, I think what Jerrick was suggesting was this:

That’s what I was thinking when I posted it here. If I had put it in JC, someone else probably would have told me to put it in R.S.U., then someone else might have told me to put it in “Unicycling Videos”. It’s all based on opinion, as you said.

You can all let this thread die now, thanks.

Brian, its funny you posted your link, cause only just a minute ago my dad wanted me to help him rip his dvds and I downloaded handbrake on his comp.

EDIT: and that google link was awesome. Ill have to remember that one.

To the OP: A faster way to use handbrake, is to use MacTheRipepr to rip the dvd to your harddrive, then use Handbrake on it, Handbrakes works faster when encoding the dvd files from a harddrive than it can working from the DVD.

Ok maybe I shouldn’t ask now and I was too lazy to read the other posts but if you RIP the dvd to your computer, will that like save onto the computer as a video file so you can watch it on Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player? Is that illegal? (not that I care but just wondering ;)) And don’t you have to break through the copyright protection?

Ripping dvds is fine, cause you are using it for your own personal back-up, and if you never upload it, then no one will ever know you have it on your comp unless you go, “Hey, I copied it to my comp so the actual disc wont get scratched up and useless.”

A direct rip will just leave with the two folders of a DVD which hold all the video/audio/title/chapters and other info, and most players dont do so well reading a direct rip like that, so you have to get a program that can read those files and convert them to a regular format.

It’s not thought because you are not talking about the unicycling content of defect. This definitely does NOT belong in R.S.U.

Hmm, yeah that’s interesting. Me and a few others think you are wrong. :slight_smile:

In the US, it’s 100% legal to make a backup copy of any DVD or CD you own, or convert it to a different format. It is illegal to break or circumvent the copy-protection, if any. So it’s legal to buy a CD and rip it for your MP3 player, it’s illegal to buy a copy-protected song on iTunes and ditch the copy-protection so you can play it on a non-iPod.

It’s not illegal with Defect, because there is no copy-protection on the disc, at least not on the copy I had… I lost it during a move, I think it ended up being left behind at my ex’s… :cry: I had copied it though, because when I bought Universe 2 the case scratched the disc when it was in my bag one day. :frowning: I had to copy U2 from a friend so I could have it again, so when I bought Defect I decided to back it up also. :slight_smile: