Defect - Now available online

Want to relive the old days?

Released on DVD in 2005, Defect became the most popular full-length unicycle highlight film to date. Building on the street and trials riding featured in previous films (UNiVERsE - 2000, UNiVERsE 2 - 2004), it also introduced the beginnings of flat-land unicycling.

“In Defect, a handful of world-class riders challenge perceptions by bringing you the latest innovations in street, mountain and trials unicycling. Defect combines groundbreaking filmmaking with a fresh soundtrack to showcase the action and personalities of this rapidly emerging sport.”

Runtime: 40 minutes

Thanks Dan! I think I’ve seen defect like 20 times but it never gets old.

Cool, it is a great film. Will the first Universe video be released too? I only have it on VHS and I do not have a player anymore.

This vid changed my life. Lofty words, but true.
Thanks Dan!

I got really excited when I saw Santa Cruz, CA in there!!

Sweet! I still have my DVD and my ripped copy (my copy of Universe II got scratched to hell in the case, so first thing I did was rip Defect) has the sound slightly out of sync :wink:

Also, this way I can just stream from my tablet to my Chromecast, instead of having to get the disc from the shelf and put it in the PS3 like a sucker… :smiley:

Great idea, thank you for this great unicycle-vid!