defect is HERE

I received defect today and OMG IT OWNS ! holly everything is so nice I love it! after the movie I had to go uni and I unied like a crazy savage men… so yeah… defect OWNS

godo to hear its worth the money. i so wanna get it when i get some money. its priority.

yea i got it too 2DAY and its just AWESOME !


dude, how much is it? and where do i order it i !want! it

best. movie. ever.

i bought it at CMW, and i’ve watched it like, five million times already. so inspiring, it is.

lol its like 22 usd I think has em has em too and so does

Just don’t start telling us what all is in it…I wanna be suprised.


Where’d you order it from? I’m assuming Bedford considering Syko Productions just shipped theirs out today (I believe). How long do you guys think its gonna take for us people who ordered from Syko to get it?

syko lmao I was sooooooo suprised dude I orderd from syko it wa sin my amil box before 3:15 today

Wow, that’s amazing! … I think I might check around my house to make sure it didn’t get delievered. If I remember right you in Canada correct? Ontario, maybe? I can’t quite remember. If you are in Ontario my copy shouldn’t be far off.

anyone want to rip and torrent it plz? no, you all paid money? damn. looks like i’ll have to pay too. not saying that it isnt worth $30, but free is nice :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see it either way.

It’s not free to produce… A lot of time, effort, and expense went into making it. Help fund the production of the next video and purchase it.

Syko hasn’t gotten the DVD’s yet have they? I heard that they still haven’t got them back from duplication.

They shipped today supposedly.

Except for me… check’s in the mail!

…and here I was thinking the unicycling community was above that. :frowning:

ya dude wuts up with that trying n getting stolen verisons ? dude I hope dan heaton sees this and shoots u or something thats totally uncool men… and yeha I got it from syko today and I live in alberta

Haven’t you seen the warnings at the begining of his films?

U + duplication = @$$ kickin’


Despite the fact that a few people have received DVD’s, Syko does not even have them in stock yet. Unfortunately there were some delays in duplication that are slowing things down.

The DVD’s were duplicated in Toronto which is the reason that Bedford already has copies. Orders from Syko to Canada were shipped straight from Toronto and that is why some are getting their orders already. Any order from Syko besides those from Canada will most likely be shipped on Tuesday (tomorrow).

Some retailers around the world have received their copies of Defect and others will have them in stock in 1-2 days.


I just got done ordering it, can’t wait till it gets here!!

Thar ya go! I saw it on Saturday at the banquet and had to buy it, AMAZING movie, and hillarius! I hope Dan makes another and makes it just as funny…Now im out, And here come mister Police man…