defect hidden scene

I was just wondering if anyone has seen the defect hidden scene on the bonus thing under rider profiles? Its about kris holm’s house! I accidently hit a button while looking at kris holmes profile and it went on, does anyone else know about this? Its pretty kewl and funny, but its pretty short too.


do you always tell people what their birthday presents are before they unwrap them?

if you had read the forum first b4 posting, you would have seen that many people are looking for them but dont want to have the fun of discovering them stolen by a mouse click because some idiot didnt put…


in the tread title. SUCK SUCK SUCK


Okay, firstly, what the hell is this guy on about? For those of you still hunting for these easter eggs, you DONT get into it through Kris Holm’s rider profile…


oh yes you do! i guess you havent seen the hard to find one yet…


I accessed the brew-in-a-bag scene from somewhere totally different, not KHs rider profile.


Exactly! The profile? Is there some other KH section other than the ‘Brew in a bag’ section?

Maybe. I don’t really know.

sounds like there may be two ways to get there…which would be good bc the way i got there is almost impossible to find. it required me hitting a button i would have never used in any situation while on the menu’s.

anyway…i think that KH footage may be old…he is married now. hopfully thats not how he brings his wife upstairs.:o

I think he just browsed the DVD on his computer, saw the Kris Holm footage and assumed that you get to it through the KH Profile section :roll_eyes:

I certainly hope he doesn’t give his wife the Arc’teryx Bag treatment, that’d be quite rude :stuck_out_tongue:

no i dont think so but im sure i went to the profile section because i was reading the stuff on kris holm and accidently hit the go back button on the remote and it went on.

Would someone please pm me about how to get to this?

I know it’s been out a while, but I came home from college for the weekend, last night, and finally saw Defect…because I ordered it for my b-day a couple weeks ago.

I found the first hidden section after pressing some buttons, but I can’t seem to find this one.

Why is this a ‘spoiler’? Could someone please list all the easter eggs in Defect? I don’t have the time or desire to remote around until I find the magic path.

I found only one so far. And, like I said, I watched it for the first time yesterday.

Go to the Bonus menu. Click on More. Right at the top of the menu, where it says Bonus, look over to the right…Do you see a little white circle, that’s almost like a target? Click on it. It’ll take you to a DVD credits menu. From there, click on the photograph.

Of course, I found this one with a computer. I arrowed around in the menu first, and then hit select–which I wasn’t selecting any of the items already ‘spelled out’ in the menu–.

But yeah, anyone, if you have a minute, clue me in to where the ‘brew in a bag’ one is.

There are 2 hidden sections on Defect. The 1st time I watched Defect was on my laptop, which only runs linux, using the command line version of mplayer.
mplayer dvd://N
where ‘N’ is the number of the feature you want to watch. There are 17 total I think, including the main movie, the animated menus, the bonus sections, the commentaries, and the 2 hidden sections. I just started at “1” and kept watching until it said there were no more :wink:

I usually watch Defect this way, because I can barely read the menus… I’m colorblind, and have problems seeing which menu option I have selected :frowning:

So how do we get to the hidden sections the “official way”? :wink:

I’ve seen it too, its pretty sweet…I want one of those rock wall thingies.
EDIT oh, and a dog elevator too.

there is a hidden part if you got to the profiles (kh and dog lift)… and there is one on the dot in the bonus thing that someone else mentioned (cool falls and weird stuff)… is there any in Universe 2???

U2 has one, in Dan’s profile… that’s the only hint I’m giving :wink:

i found it… lol

I gave up trying to find the last two hidden scenes after I saw the KH one. I’ve tried and tried and I still can’t find anything. I seriously don’t know how you guys figure this stuff out. Can someone please tell me?!?!

begins to bite and smash the controller

how do you find the kh one ? I had this movie since it came out and still never found it…