Defect for free on google video !?

Ok so first I am wondering is this piracy ? But then the person who put the video there is SYKO productions and the whole movie is on there. What the hell is this !? I payed to see it and I think i should be same for everyone.

I’m a little upset about this too. But if syko productions put it up then that’s their choice. I don’t have the movie and I’m not going to watch it until I order it.

its only 5 mins of it guys…

Somehow I doubt SYKO actually put it on there.

It’s there in gorgeous low-res. If it really is Dan Heaton putting it up, I guess he wants people to see it. If they really want to see it they can order the DVD. This may be a good way to increase sales, if there is a path for people to learn more about the video from the site…

there are more parts on there

There are 8 parts.

If it is put up there legitly, then it should really be put back up because the whole thing is horrid quality. The sound and video are choppy at best. Some clips are better than others but still, its pretty ugly.

I found 7 of the 8 parts, but I couldn’t find part 2. Does anyone have a url for part 2?

I found 9 parts
all in pretty good quality
all the sound it correct, and everything is perfect, I made it as big as my monitor and it was smooth clean quality… idk I have always wanted to see it.

I did watch it and I thought it was great. Sorry to hear it upset you.

Whos got a link for part 1?

Thats the first i’ve seen footage of defect and it’s awesome!

ive seen it all but then i downloaded it to try and put it on dvd but it doesnt let you put the sound on dvd so if u want sound with it you have to buy it

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

For all the geniuses who couldn’t use the SEARCH feature.

It’s been on there for a while, I was kind of hoping this thread woulded be started, I doubt SYKO productions put it online, and I assume Dan Heaton is rightfully pissed off, making a DVD such as Defect would have been lots of work and little profit, to have your DVD put on the internet… gay.

did dan break both of his legs? if not who was that

Dan broke both of his feet on a giraffe uni.

Yeah, that’s why the DVD came a little later then planned.
He did ride after his feet recovered and shot some great footage of himself.
Realy respect for Dan.
I have the DVD and I realy like it.
I recommend it to every one.
Bonus material is very cool.


I was going through google video there watching it all, then I realized, why am I watching it here in bad quality? I OWN it and have seen it five million times.