Defect Easter egg - no spolier

I don’t know how to access them from my DVD player, but I found a couple of hiden extras on the Defect disk when browsing with my PC.

Warning! No spoiler, but one of them is probably not suitable for the young or impressionable :smiley:


Harper in a woman’s swimsuit??

I found both of them using the DVD player.

Wouldn’t that cause the DVD to melt before it arrived at your house? I mean, that’s HOT!!!


the 1 i found is close to that but not Harper…off to find the other.

grr, I can’t find ANY of 'em!

Are there only 2?

Yes there are only 2 eggs


Or maybe you should start the “defect spoiler thread”, cuz I can’t find em.

mmmmm i wanna see dem

Found all of the easter eggs on the first night.

If you find the first one, it leads you to the second one.

What? I’ve found both of them and I don’t see how one leads to the other at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Me neither.

Oh, and the eggs aren’t hard to find. There’s no complicated combinations of buttons to press or anything. Just go to each item in all of the menus and press up, down, left, or right. Eventually, the menu won’t respond properly. That’s a hint that there’s an egg there, so try pressing the ‘Select’ button. Actually, i think that one of the Soundtrack menus behaves oddly, even though there’s no egg on that page, so ignore that one. I think it’s the second-last Soundtrack page, where Left and Right don’t do anything. There’s nothing there though.

AHA, found one, finally!! now need to find the other, but first I’m gonna go to school ):

maybe he has only found one and thinks its two.

I can only find one. And that took me an hour (seriously). And Ive been trying to find the second one for 20min. now. PLEEEEASE help me.

Nah I got both, I even asked Dan.

I also checked on mycomputer by opening all the files on the DVD one by one.

ok, well, maybe i found just one and thought i found two?

pffft, thats cheating…or maybe its being smart. I donno.

i just got some major help on the one i couldnt find and glad i did…i never would have found that. one is easy to find but the other is worse than some of the Zelda mazes ive played!