Defect DVD Remake :O

Just like my Big Brother Mike Clark. Today i flipped the original, very first, stair set to be crank flipped on.

Remake is at the end-

Original was cleaner, and caught, no offence, but nicely done it’s cool to see that clip again ans the spot being ridden again too.

Never spotted it before, but thats a really really nice bluntslide kinked banana slide right there :stuck_out_tongue: DDO ITT

Chris… I will never look rails the same again now :astonished:

You’ve never thought about bluntbananas??? I wanna see one done!!! There was one I was going to try a while ago but there were cars parked in the way and I haven’t had a chance since…

:open_mouth: YES

Someone please do that, would be so epic :open_mouth:

Well I’ve thought about it but never could find a good set of rails to do it on so I forgot about it. :frowning:

WAIT… wheres Mike Padail when you need him :wink:

Bluntbananas? fill me in

Jump between the two rails and grind both of them at once.

that would be pretty epic but those rails wobble like no other, ill let you hit it