Defect DVD Available Oct. 16

Hi Fellow Unicyclists,

Syko Productions, the creator of the two most revolutionary unicycle videos to date (UNiVERsE 1 & 2) is proud to announce their 3rd full length release, Defect.

In Defect, a handful of world-class riders challenge perceptions by bringing you the latest innovations in street, mountain and trials unicycling. Defect combines groundbreaking filmmaking with a fresh soundtrack and bonus rider commentary, to showcase the action and personalities of this rapidly emerging sport.

Riders Include:

Dan Heaton, Kris Holm, Ryan Atkins, Jeff Groves, Xavier Collos, Sabin Arditty, Brian Lundgren, Mike Clark, Zack Baldwin, Kaori Matsuzawa, Kevin McMullin, Shaun Johanneson, Keaton Miller, and more

Feature Length - 40 minutes

Bonus Features:
Extra Sections
Rider Profiles
Extra Footage
French & German Subtitles

1881, 800 Octane, Shadowville Productions, Shakedown, Strap-On Tools, Ordinary Peoples, Run-On Conscious, Voice in the Wire, and more

Trailer Available at:

To pre-order, please visit:

(Not all links on the store will work properly until Oct. 1, but pre-ordering is still possible)

The DVD will also be available at most unicycle retailers including Ajata, Bedford Unicycles, Gap Unicycles, Koxx One, and more.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Kris Holm Unicycles (
Bedford Unicycles (
Koxx One (

and to Carl Hoyer!!!

-Dan Heaton


Any chance you will be selling them at CMW?


Yes, at this point it looks like they will be available at the CMW!


same price? ($35 for the shirt and dvd is what i heard…)

Awesome Dan! Sent in my preorder for the DVD + Shirt today and I can’t wait to get it! I’ve been soley on my mountain bike the last 5 months but I have a feeling Defect will get me back in the one wheel saddle…

Ok so syko is sending the pre-orderds right now if I understand right ? so they will be at our doors before the 16th ?

I doubt it… the DVD’s have not even been duplicated yet. There was a slight delay at the factory. We still expect them to be available around the 17th (I screwed up on the trailer, 16th is a Sunday).


alright thanks… just making sure

Sweet props to the guys at universe

sounds like a sweet video. my brother has the first two and they were awesome, so i can’t wait until he buys this one.

hey what happened to dan dorekson- I had mad props for that guy. Hands down he was the best rider in universe two. Other people were doing crazier stuff but it means nothing unless you got style (just like skiing i can do pro moves but i dont win in my comps cause i lack the same style) and he had mad style wondering if anyones heard what hes up to

Does anyone know when Defect will be available in the UK?

Will have it on it’s release date or will it take a while to get over here?

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows and answers.


i dont know, so im not gonna answer.


Hey im planning on buying defect lookes awesome but it says it still cost the presale so i was wondering is it out yet or was the price thingy just not upgrades laterz thank.

Hi Munirider,

Sorry the website hasn’t been updated for awhile. The DVD has been shipping from Syko Productions and other retailers for a few months. If you order online it will be shipped out the next business day after you order.



Wicked movie I now have it and watched it about 5 times. I got my copy from Bedford for 30$ but i didn’t get a t-shirt … am i supposed to or is Darrin just doing his own thing?

You got what you paid for. I got the same thing, only back when the DVD came out.

I noticed that one of the clips in defect in Dan H’s part looks very alike a spot in NYC, just curious if Dan H rode in NYC to film for defect? if so, how come there only one shoot from there?

which shot looks like NY?

nothing shot there…

this one reminds me of a spot in NYC I’ve seen.