Defect at Vancouver International Film Fest

Hey Everybody,

A 10 minute version of Defect will be showing at the 9th Annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival this Thursday, Febuary 23th.

If your interested please come out and support the festival. I’ll be there!


9th Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
In conjunction with
Norco Performance Bikes

Mountain Biking Evening with Ian Hylands and Ryan Leech

When: Thursday, February 23, 7:30 pm (doors & reception 6:30pm)
Where: Centennial Theatre, 2300 Lonsdale, North Vancouver
Tickets: $15 in advance; $ 17 at the door
Advanced tickets at MEC, Centennial Theatre, (604) 984-4484

Evening Program

• stage trials show
Featuring trials riders Ryan Leech and Dylan Korba, and the Norco Factory Trials Team
• guest speaker
With mountain biking photographer Ian Hylands in a premiere slideshow 2005, a Year Through My Eyes: a journey that chronicles Ian’s adventures of professional photographer. From California to Vermont and Central America to Europe, join Ian as he travels the world shooting with some of the best mountain bikers in the business.
• films:
Shooting Stars (USA, 2005, by Jeff Udell): Snapshots of the high-energy lives of female downhill bike racers as they competed on the 2004 North American race circuit.
Defect (USA, 2005, by Dan Heaton): A handful of unicycling riders challenge perceptions by bringing the latest from Squamish, B.C. to Northern California.
The Bike Compilation (Canada, 2006, by A.Lias): A fresh local project featuring a variety of riding styles and athletes.
Roam: Teaser for the upcoming film from the producers of Collective.
Red Bull Rampage Retrospective (USA, 2005, by Carey Bokser): Story of the Red Bull Rampage event with all new interviews, perspectives and never seen before footage.
Match 7 (USA, 2005, by Aaron Lutze): Gathering dirt and park comps and a few roadtrips.

• roundtable discussion on hot mountain biking topics with the local riders and industry representatives

Anyone want to do a ride on Friday in Van?


If anyone from the Seattle area wants to go up to Vancouver I can give you a ride. I’ll be coming back on Friday or Saturday.

OH SNAP! damn dan thats tomorrow, you should of let me know you ass head.
i would of been all over that like white on rice.


Sent you a PM, lets make it happen!

Sorry Dan, I’m busy both days, with a bit more notice we might have been able to organize things. I’ll see if I can make it Thursday night but I doubt it, good luck with the show though!

Sorry so last minute. I just found out today that I was able to go…

Yeah well since I am reading this and its actually the 23 I cant see this happening lol. but you never know. Oh and hey I cant ride friday dan but Maybe get some of the vancouver unicyclists to do a saturday ride that would work.

YES I WILL BE GOING!! Hey dan I will be the guy in the red fox hat and possibly my red unicycle shirt. i will try to say Hi when I am there.

nothing to actually contribute, but “I will be the one in the red fox hat” sounds like you’ll be really recognizable :stuck_out_tongue:

Fox racing I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Well i whent and I found Dan heaton and we talked then we watched some biking videos and then in all its glory defect came onto the screen. At first I heard giggling and laughter when they said extreme unicycling but after watchin the video I heard alot more “I want one” Good work Dan

Heh, sounds great, I wish I’d been there just to hear what people said and see their reactions. Are you going to make the ride on Saturday Brock, if so I’ll want to hear more details :slight_smile: