Defect at the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival


A 10 minute shortened version of Defect will be shown at the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival in South Lake Tahoe, CA on Dec. 17. If your in the area it sounds like it’s gonna be a fun event. I’ll be there along with a few others…

The Tahoe Adventure Film Festival is different than any other film festival in the world. This is no stuffy film festival. We high light the best adventure sports films, i.e. big wave surfing, rock climbing, BASE jumping, big mountain skiing, and more.

The “main event” for the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival this year is at Caesars Tahoe Circus Maximus Showroom. This high-energy fast paced event is fun, exciting and entertaining on and off the screen, with guest speakers, break-dancers, DJs and a few surprises.

We narrow film submissions to the top 10. Then 10-minute clips are premiered from the best adventure sports films of the year.

Congratulations, Dan!

I hope you’ll win this event, you really deserve it, Defect is just the best!


Excellent to hear that they have included Defect in the festival! When Todd of the LTFF initially approached me for unicycle films I suggested he contact Dan, as Defect is far superior to anything I’ve made.

Hells yeah! I just got Defect yesterday and have already watched it 3+ times, plus the bonus, + commentaries, + hidden scenes… I only have 1 MAJOR complaint, but it’s due to my own genetic defects :wink: (Also, those riders make me feel like I wasted my youth ;))

Pretty cool! I don’t know if I will have schedule conflicts keeping me away, but I will make sure the local crew are aware of this event, and see if a group wants to go up and be a part of it.

Good luck!

Good News! Defect won the whole shabang, beating films that included base jumping, crazy skiing and snowboarding, big wave surfing, hardcore bouldering (rockclimbing), and other stuff.

Dan won $500, but the best prize was probably a huge roomful of over 1200 people screaming their heads off during the 10-minute Defect.

I videotaped all sorts of stuff relating to the festival, including the host’s intro to Defect, and Dan’s 5 second acceptance speech. I’ll edit this and post something here when I have access to my computer again in mid-January. I also took photos of the weekend, that I might be able to post soon.

Congrats Dan!



that’s Awesome news. Congrats Dan, you really deserve it.

Great news for you and for unicycling! woop!

Congratulations, Dan. You rock.

i wish i coulda made it. Good job dan!

Yeah, earlier in the week there were radio ads for the LTFF and how there were crazy videos… it mentioned unicycling, unfortunately I’m sick and wasn’t able to attend.

Wahooo cant wait to see that video Jess!

Thats pretty cool. Good job Dan, lucky duck!

way to go, Dan! You da man.

Great job!

Out of curiosity, is there a possibility of putting that 10 minute version online? I’d like to see how the shortened version compares to the full-length version.

oh great news!!! I look forward to watch the movie! (My male cousin wil get it for christmas) :sunglasses: