Deepest snow?

whats the deepest snow you have ridden in? I just picked up a nimbus 26 muni, and i’m having a hard time finding places to ride from to much snow, right now where i’m at we have 2 feet of snow if not more in some spots, is there anyone that rides through this much?


I also recently got a 26" nimbus and have only ridden it through 4 inches or so with ease. Drifts can be difficult still. Last year I attempted 2-3 foot snow drifts on my Nimbus trials and found it impossible because of the pedals digging in to the snow. If you get a wide enough tire (Larry) and rim (Large Marge) they say you can “float” on top of the snow.

Deeper the snow, smaller wheel you should get. But snow is much easier than mud, and better for falling down as well :wink:

Snow has such a range of consistency it’s really hard to compare. I have some old home movies (super 8!) of me messing around in powder snow in our front yard, maybe 4-6" deep. Fun stuff! My object was to make the snow fly in a big way with quick wheel turns, and to do skids. My brother managed to capture a spectacular fall onto my back in a poof of powder.

please elaborate, I have heard others say this and it seems couter-intuitive and is in sharp contrast with my real-life experiences, unless you mean skinnier. I just want to know where this advice comes from.

In my experience a tall skinny wheel (700C) can work well in snow while a small wide (trials) wheel is really going to struggle. Mostly I go tall and wide to float as much as possible.

The deepest snow that I have ever ridden “in” was about 16"/45cm. Fresh fluffy powder on a snowmobile trail protected by trees. I was using a 26x3, it was sort of fun at the start and on the downhills but was a drag on the flats and I was forced to walk a lot of the uphills. Generally I was kicking myself for grabbing my wheel instead of my XC skis.

Couldn’t say what the deepest snow I have ridden “on”, if you count ice it would be several feet. Generally the trick is to stay ontop of the snow if it is firm or semmi-packed. The bigger and wider the better. I loved using a 36 with 170mm cranks in snow. It has about the same float as a 26x3 but climbs out better if you fall through the crust. In spring I like using a skinny tire to cut through the slush.