Dedicated to Unicycling - Photo on Google StreetView

The new Google StreetView just went online for New Zealand a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d look up my house just now. I thought it would be pretty awesome to see myself unicycling on it, but thought it unlikely as I couldn’t remember seeing a car with a big camera on the roof driving down our street. But this is what I found:

The quality is quite bad when you zoom in, but you can just make out me and my uni. I think I must’ve been standing over it, ready to mount (left leg in the air, hand on handle.)

So, how’s that for commitment?! Anyone else got any funny StreetView photos?

thats cool i found this i thought the second one was funny:)

Haha wow, that’s awesome. But at the same time it’s easy to see why some people think it’s a invasion of privacy lol.

I worked it up a bit.

I just had a look on street view at CHCH and it seems like it doesn’t actually have that many photos. Definitely not every house.

I was driving to work a couple of months ago and pulled up alongside an odd looking car at a set of traffic lights.
It had a complicated contraption on the roof and the google logo painted on its side.
It was only when I got to work and spoke to a colleague about it that I realised it was the streetmap car taking pictures of the area.
I’m quite looking forward to seeing if I show up on the map and if you can see my KH29 on the back seat.

Hahahaha that second one is good. The quality on all of those photos seems to be really pretty good though. Maybe they used crappier cameras in New Zealand or something…

Yea I reckon. I’m surprised that they were allowed to just go out and do it without anyone really knowing and without much discussion beforehand.

That’s weird that they don’t have much of Chch. I think there are areas of most towns/cities that didn’t get covered. Have you found your house?

Yea you can see it a little bit better there. The resolution’s not great and it looks like it was done on a really bleak day which didn’t help.

Woah that’s sweet! Too bad you didn’t realise so you couldn’t do something more memorable for the camera haha. Although, whatever you did, you’d probably have to do it for a while to guarantee that they’d capture it. Has it not gone online for your area yet?

Google subcontracts the actual photographing so it’s not always the same quality in every city.

Google did San Francisco themselves so it has the highest quality photos.

I saw a google car one time but it didn’t look like the Red car that shot the L.A. streetview photos that you can see if you tilt down. The car I saw had about a 10 foot mast on the roof with what looked like an array of motion detectors on the top.

Another fun things to see are Darth Vader and storm troopers on Hollywood Blvd. in front of the Chinese theater.

I would be honored to find myself in a streetview photo, so far I’ve only found my car.

This has probably been done already, but I think it’d be cool to follow that Google car and have yourself appearing in every photo along an entire street. Might even be possible to have yourself appearing twice or three times in a single view.

I saw a funny pic on streetview of a horse-drawn carriage.
They blurred the horse’s head and not the driver.

Can you say where it is? I wanna see it for myself. If you don’t feel like divulging personal information, that’s fine…

Apparently it’s going to take a couple of years.
There’s nowhere in the UK that’s on streetmap yet, and I would have thought that they would start off with the big cities.
Swansea is waaaay down on their list of things to do.

Um… I’d probably rather not sorry. Gotta be really careful on the internet and such.

Your picture does not contain any of the Google Street View operating buttons, the Google logo, nor the track indicator.
The picture is significant much more blurry than the Street View maps.
Further the angle seems to me a bit too low for the Camera cars:

so I wonder:
is there any evidence that proofs your claim, in the form of a url?

…or -if you are concerned that a local UFO may be abduct you for experiments (or an entire fleet may now find you)- can you at least come up with an unmodified/unedited but cropped screenshot of your appearance (including the tool/buttons/logo, but without the coordinates)?
Or even better, that same shot under a couple of the many available angle’s?
Otherwise your claim is too doubtful to me.

Theres no reason to doubt ??? :thinking:

You be careful with Streetview:

lol That is scary. Can’t wait til Street View is in my town.

Google Streetview - Cottelsoe

I see this is quite an old thread so I hope those who commented are still active/will see my response.
I have a Google Streetview unicycle gem for you!

Check out 38 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, Western Australia. Make sure you’re on the northern lane (the ocean-side) because it isn’t there if you’re heading south.

The beauty of this one is the ‘appendage’.

I had forgotten the address of the unicyclist so I googled it, with no luck. I did find this thread however so after I searched around for this image I thought the least I could do was share it with everyone. Now my job is done and I can delete my profile :slight_smile: Enjoy.


Hmmm, 3 wheels touching ground is not exactly a unicycle, but nice anyway, thanks for posting.