Decorating Unicycles on the Cheap

Decorated my Potluck 24" for Christmas Parades last night.

Took 15 minutes.

Cost $2. (Two 99 cent rolls of vinyl electricians tape. Red, White)

Looks like a candy cane. Even made “red-wall” tires. Vinyl flexes so it looks like it will stay on the rubber.

Comes off easy. Proof is in the pudding though. I’ll let you know if any problems arise. Don’t foresee any.



How about a pic?


Sorry. No pic.

Me Low Tech. Me no digital camera.

Maybe Tommy can help.

holiday decorating tips/ideas/what i do

i just tape a small stuffed Christmas bear to the back of my uni. Tis the season to be jolly. hohoho.

Christmas parade already? Wow. Ours isn’t until…well…Christmas. But when the Christmas Lights Parade gets here, we’ve purchased a string of 10 battery operated Christmas lights and tape them into the spokes. It really looks great as we’re riding down the street in the dark. I’ll try to get some pictures this year.


A friend suggested a variation on the battery operated lights that I think would fit the theme.

She thought Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart would have a Wreath with battery op lights in it. I plan to cannibalize it and (gently) affix the elements inside daughter’s spokes…holly, pine boughs, bows,… If I can fit it through the frame, it’ll look like she’s riding a wreath.

I also thought I could loosely tie a jumble of jingle bells on 2 or 3 spokes so that, when gravity assisted, they would slide up and down the spoke, jingling appropriately. (shing-a-shing-a-shing…)

Updates to follow. *<|;{>

i’ve had some fun sticking my juggling glow-balls in the spokes of the uni
just check that your mate who just shelled out huge quantities of after tax money to invest in a set of aerotech balls doesn’t mind

Great idea on the wreath. Mind if I steal…I mean borrow the idea?


Its not stealing if its free. If you have other ideas, please post them. We want to have a colorful parade.

I like the juggling balls idea. That’s a quick fix.

The more the Merrier! *<|:{>