Hi guys, New to the forums here & I have been unicycling on and off for the past few months, have owned a couple of real cheap uni’s which I have broken cranks etc, I’m now keen on upgrading to something decent that will last, I’m stuck in what I should get? I want to do general riding & crusing around streets etc. Are these uni’s good as a starter for now ?

20" Axis Unicycle ?
20" Club Freestyle ?
24" Club Freestyle ?

Thanks guys…

For general cruising round the streets and stuff I’d look more towards a 24 or 26.
What’s your budget?

200ish, so a 24 freestyle be a good investment maybe?

Yeah that’d be ideal I reckon

Thanks, sounds good.

A bit more than $200 but I’d consider a Nimbus II. Much stronger, better seat, and could be used for light to mod trials & Muni.

24 better for hills, learning & doing most tricks, trials and more tech Muni.
26 better for cruising and XC.
I think both have a max tire width of 2.6" Both of the II’s could be upgraded to disk breaks.

Thanks for the advice, i am planning on getting a Nimbus II when I can extend my budget, after I give the club freestyle 24" a bash around.

Thanks again.

My 1st choice would be fix the current uni, no drops & minimal hops until I had the $ for the most I could afford. Like a KH, Oracle, or Impact.

hey yeah, Its’ not worth fixing my current uni’s broken… they were pieces of shit from ebay, for 50 bucks, I didn’t even jump or hop on them they just fell to pieces riding 200-300m along the road, So I plan on just general freestyle and cruising along the beachside where I live for now.

I have decided I’ll go with 24" club freestyle for now, then upgrade to nimbus II and go from there depending on how I progress. KH, Orcale & Impact are great looking uni’s btw, I plan once advanced hopefully to own one.

Thanks :slight_smile: