Decisions, decisions... what to do?

Alright, folks, I need some help.

I’m in the mood to upgrade my uni arsenal,but am stuck as to what I should get.

I would love to get a new machine, and have been looking at some 29ers. I’ve narrowed to 29er down to either a Torker AX or a Nimbus w/ ISIS hub. They’re all in the same general price range, and I want to stay as much under $300 as I can. I like to Torker since it’s so light, but I like the Nimbus since it has more beefiness. Although beefiness isn’t necessarily what I’m looking for in a 29er. I would be mostly covering distances, commuting, and road riding.
Out of these two unis, what would people suggest?

My other option is to just slick out my 24 for some serious abuse. I have a pre-ISIS Nimbus II, with just an upgraded seat and pedals. It’s been fine for three years, but I recently spiffed it up with a fresh powdercoat, and though it would be nice to upgrade the whole thing.
I’m looking at getting either a KH or Nimbus ISIS hub (same price), black spokes, new rim (probably this one either powdercoated red or with red rim tape to stick with the current colors scheme of the uni), and new cranks (looking at the KH Double Holed cranks). All in all, this would set me back just a little bit less than a cheap 29er. Looks to be about 200 bucks, and I’ve found the Torker AX 29 for $225.

My commute is short enough (not quite 3 miles one way) that I can manage it in about 30-40 minutes on my 24 without hitting the main road. So If I do stick with the 24 and just beef it up a bit, I can still huff out the commute without too much trouble. But, it would be awesome to have another, bigger uni. So, there’s where I’m at in my decision making.

Advice, tips, equipment suggestions? Any and all will be greatly appreciated.


I would get the nimbus as you may one day decide that you want to take the 29 for a bit of a MUni ride.

Or if you really want light you could took at an AX, I don’t think they are that much more

I did a similar thing as you with upgrading a wheel to an existing unicycle. Currently the only thing stock on my 26" Muni is the frame and inner-tube.

Personally, I’d go for a new 29er. The simple reason is that this is a whole new unicycle, that you will be able to do different riding with. If you were to just upgrade your 24, there’s nothing dramatic that you can do that you couldn’t do before. Plus you can get the bits to upgrade the 24 as and when you have spare cash and put it all together once you’ve got everything.

As for the choice of 29er, I can’t really comment on the Torker, as we don’t have those available in the UK. The Nimbus is a great bit of kit though, and I really don’t think you will be disappointed if you go for that option.


I would recommend the Nimbus over the Torker AX 29er. The #1 reason is that the Nimbus has a much better seat. The #2 reason is that the Torker seatpost uses the Miyata bolt pattern instead of the Schwinn/KH bolt pattern, so you can’t put a KH seat on the Torker seatpost. The #3 reason is that the Torker seatpost is a different diameter than most other unicycle seatposts, so you can’t use the KH seatpost with a KH seat, either.

Thanks for the words, guys.
I’m leaning towards the 29", but still am not quite sure.
I’ve figured out that the price to upgrade the 24 the way I want would be $220-230.
The best price I could find on the Nimbus 29er is $274.
Any comments or reviews on the 29er from Yuni or Bedford?

I have a Bedford 29er…been riding it for 2 years now. It is my daily commuter. Love it.

I had it built with the Bedford frame and a Kris Holm rim. I went with the square taper cranks as I almost exclusively ride on the road and don’t do any tricks. I wanted the flexibility of being able to do inexpensive crank changes.

I generally ride with 125 cranks as my commute has some steep hills. I also have 102 cranks for flatter terrain.

Darren was great to work with…helped me work through the different options.


I would go with the Nimbus 29 for distance, but if you decide to go with th 24" upgrade, I would go with the Nimbus hub over the KH because I have heard that the flanges are stronger on the Nimbus.

Well, I decided what to do.

I’m going to build my own 29er, for about the same overall price as a pre-built Nimbus.

I’m getting these parts to start with:

Nimbus frame: $42
Kris Holm ISIS Moment hub: $62
Kris Holm spokes: 36@.55 = $19.80
Kris Holm rim: $45
Qu-Ax 125mm cranks: $24 (these are for starters, as I plan to eventually upgrade to KH dual hole 125/150 cranks)
Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals, black: $14
Schwalbe Big Apple tire: $29

That puts me out $235.80. I;ll just pick up a cheap tube from my local bike shop for 5 or so bucks.
For starters I’m going to just swap the post and KH seat out of my 24-inch, eventually getting a separate post and seat for the 29er. That should run 60-70 buck to get a post and KH Fusion Freeride saddle putting my grand total at 295-305 dollars, give or take a few. Not bad considering a stock Nimbus 29er runs for $303 from UDC.

The final product wil be all blacked out excepts for the frame and seat. I’m going to get the frame powdercoated in yellow, and add a yellow KH seat to it.

Buretto: I am around the corner from you in Willow Grove. I ride behind the white building at the corner of Witmer and Blair Mill Rd. on weeknights.

There isn’t really that big a problem with the KH hubs and I’m pretty sure they fixed it with the '08 model.