Decision on a Unicycle

Hey community. I was wondering if this is a good unicycle. My Sun 24" is starting to have too many problems and I’m tired of dealing with it. So I would like to know if this will be a good unicycle.

My Sun unicycle is unrideable at this moment so I have nothing to ride. I just want to know if this is a good sturdy unicycle for hopping, long distance, those things.

Also, if there is another unicycle that you would recommend over this, please let me know. I really don’t have the money to pay anything over the cost of this one so nothing too expensive.

Thanks in advance,

That is a decent uni. However if you are ruining your sun that torker may not last you as long as you may hope for.

For hopping you are gonna want a splined hub and crank set. Sadly it may be a bit more than you wanted to spend however this one is not too much more. It would be worth saving up a bit for a splined setup if you plan to hop around on it.

With the ISIS hub if you ruin the cranks that come with the uni you can make the upgrade to some quax(CrMO) or KH Moment cranks which will be very strong and a great addition to the uni.

For the little bit extra the nimbus cost, you are getting much much more of a unicycle. Better saddle, doubled walled rim(very important for hopping), ISIS splined hub, hookworm tire…

i would say stick with one of THESE unis, they are all strong and fairly well suited to your uses, long distance wont be as comfy as the uni with the hookworm tire, but the uni will be leaps and bounds better off the road or on uneven surfaces.

That is just a little more than I wanted to spend, but it’s fine. I trust your opinion agentQ and if you say that’s what I should go with I’ll go with it. I can get the rest of the money I need in about a week so it shouldn’t be too long. It’s really just the ordering part that’s going to be hard seeing as my mom doesn’t really support my unicycling:(. Thanks for the advice, I’ll let you know what I think about when I can get it.

It definitely looks pretty though, doesn’t it?:slight_smile:

Thanks for the help,


the ax Torkers are really nice

For the $, very hard to beat. I have an ax 29, and it has held up really well. I use my smaller KH’s for any real hopping, but the ax is just fine for general muni, at my 180 lb weight. As long as you are not really heavy, or want to do > 1’ ft drops, an ax is fine, and lighter then almost anything else.

If you want to get one, check out this place. I think they have the best Torker prices, once you add in shipping $. I have bought from them in the past with no troubles.

Thanks everyone for your input. I’m going to go ahead and get the Nimbus even though it was more then I first wanted to spend. I’d rather go ahead and get a better unicycle now then have to spend more money later.


Great decision. The splined hub and crankset on the nimbus will hold up far far (far) better than a cheap square taper one. You can also upgrade to the Kris Holm cranks at any time.