Decision made kh 29er

Well made my decision for me. They had KH 29" for 20% off at Canada. Its on the way.

Congratulations, I really hope you enjoy it… !!


Congrats, machineman!
Great deal. What made you decide with KH versus the Oracle that is close in price?

I’m on the fence with the KH & Oracle 26". They are both at the same price on the USA site. However, I’m leaning towards the KH due to the weight, the dual crank hole and the dream of a Schlumpf.

I’d love to hear what made you go with KH since they are both awesome machines.

Be well

Some things to think about

Congrats machineman.

Unisphere one reason to buy the KH is that it comes with dual hole cranks, especially if you don’t have other unicycles or spare cranks. It might be nice to have the option of changing lengths. In the past I would have said the saddle is better but these days I’m not a fan of the KH One. I prefer the KH Street or Freeride saddle. Another small consideration might be that it would be (in theory) easier to take the disc rotor off a KH when traveling by plane if you’d be worried that it getting bent or damaged. Also, I’m not such a fan of the D’brake although a newer version of the Oracle frame is coming out (if not currently available) which doesn’t have the D’brake.

Vertigo: Thanks for the response. I like the dual crank holes, too. I never gave the seat much thought; however, the UDC’s site states that it comes with the KH Fusion Freeride. The external disk is a little concern for me, but in fact, I’m not good enough to be aggressive enough on my local trails. As for the plane, if I ever put it on a plane, I’d probably pack it in a padded duffle bag. I appreciate your comments and insight. Be well.

Sorry about the late response I was gone all week. I got the KH because it was a really good price on the Canadian uni site. I was really after a 27.5 but I wanted the KH. My real decision was between the KH 27.5 and the 29, so when the 29 went on sale i picked it. I wanted a KH for the seat and the cranks. I have a nimbus stadium saddle that is just a little too hard for me. I also like the external disc setup.
I got it yesterday and set it up. Its beautiful, the quality of build is apparent. I do have a question and a complaint. It came wit 2 small black plastic things, they are like split rings with tabs sticking out. I cant figure out what they are for. The other problem is the brake mount setup. The body of the brake is too long and causes the line to bend around the seat post. Tilting the seat up helps with this. I have to take the brake mount off of the seat to put the brake on and tighten it. I can only use about half of the adjustment length on the brake mount because the flange that attaches it to the seat blocks the tightening screw on the brake lever. I understand that we are working with bicycle components on Munis but I am still a little disappointed with the brake setup.

Can you post a picture of the rings? I wonder if they are cable organizers to secure your brake cable to the frame.
Also, I think you are supposed to tighten the adjusting screw on the brake and then rotate it into place, so it would not be completely tight.

I think the brake lever problems you describe are pretty standard. I have the same issues on my Nimbus. Brakes with a radial master cylinder used to be more popular, and the way they route their hose is much more suitable for under-seat mounting.

I had same issues with brake setup. I have mine mounted slightly rotated on mount. When looking at it from front it is at the 6:30 position. This avoids kinking line at seat post and aligns lever better with middle finger when gripping saddle handle with my left hand.

As far as thos black plastic clip things. They secure brake line along right fork leg to the magura brake mounts on back of frame.

Congrats on the KH29er, I’ve had mine for almost a full year and absolutely love it for everything from smooth trails to the sketchy tech stuff. The brake weirdness issues have been addressed above and I’ve always left my brake lever slightly loose so it rotates when I crash, this has saved my lever dozens of times.

Have a blast with the new toy.

The plastic things I have are different. My cable came already attached via the same clips you show. these are different. Here is a pic. I also solved the brake problem by mounting it slightly off center. I took it on its maiden voyage today. Its great, the rollover is incredible. I need to get a feel for the break for down hill because it is much harder to slow than my 24". I had a few good UPDs due to this today.

clip - Edited.jpg

I don’t know what that ring is for. Someone here is likely to know. Or you could always just call and ask.

Those plastic things come with the shimano brake that your uni came with, I’ve ordered multiple shimano brakes over the years and they always come with these. They are intended to go around the heads of the 4 mounting bolts(2 for the caliper to adapter and 2 for the adapter to frame) to in theory keep them from backing out causing a “dangerous situation”. In reallity they don’t do anything and you’ll never see them installed on anything, I assume they are included to get around some sort of liability issue.

Cool. I have a few of those in my spare parts bin and always kind of wondered what they were for.

That was my best guess. THe only spot I could see them going was on the brake bolts. Its nice to know for sure.