Decision help on a 29er

Ok, I know, this kind of topic gets old, and I could find all your arguments elsewhere in the forum. I’ll open it anyway because I can’t decide and need someone to tell me what to do. So here is the situation:

I feel that sometimes the 36er is just too much for a short trip on the road - especially if there is taking it on public transport involved. That’s why I want to get a 28/29er for the road. I’ve basically narrowed it down to the mad4one 29er or the Qu-Ax rgb. So here are my thoughts.


  • More colors (Orange :slight_smile: )
  • More crank choices
  • maybe sturdiness - I’m 90kg
  • I can order it with a handlesaddle


  • Weight (but only by less than one kg.)
  • Better crank mount (Q-Axle)
  • I prefer their choice of a road tyre
  • Lighter rim for road riding (rotating mass)

So, what do I go for. (Honestly, I really don’t know why I even start this topic as you guys will provide arguments both ways and I’m at the same point in the end as I’m now, but never mind… :wink:

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What about a mix of both brands? Obviously you already know advantages and disadvantages of both brands.
This would look like:

  • RGB frame, seatpost, hub and cranks;
  • M4O rim and handlesaddle.

And you can order whichever tyre you prefer :smiley:

Then you have to build your wheel and assemble all of your uni but it can be a great challenge!

I thought about this. The problem is that Switzerland isn’t part of the EU, that’s why I pay higher delivery prices and and a additional 20-30 EUR to process the taxes, for every delivery. So I prefer a single order.


I know you narrowed down to those 2. But the Nimbus Oracle would also be a great choice (it just isn’t currently available). Especially since it costs less then the Mad4one and the QX RGB. Only comes with a saddle that not everbody seems to like…

(Edit: I need to read more carefully next time, Thread looked so fancy it though it was an wikipost, if you already narrowed down to those 2, you already have considered the others🤦)

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What are the advantages of the Nimbus Oracle apart from the price? I’m not too bothered about the price as I come from mountain biking and from that perspective every unicycle is cheap. :wink:

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It doesn’t has any big adventages, it’s just a very good uni for its price. From your perspective it makes totally sense just to look at the high end unis.
Back when I was Teenager, the price was the major factor. A Kris Holm simply wasn’t affordable at all, although it was my dream uni. So Nimbus was the choice for back then.

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Take the qu ax rgb. Sounds like that’s what you actually want.

This sounds a bit like back in the days when I worked as a bike messenger which mostly covered my expenses but didn’t leave much to spend on bicycles. That’s why I always bought bicycles in parts because I couldn’t afford a fully assembled bike.

But nowadays this isn’t as much of a issue as back then.


Why? I need good reasons to convince myself…,

Both are good unis. If you have a lot of ISIS cranks laying around and like changing cranklengths, that would be a point for the Mad4one (and possibly the biggest differentiator in my opinion).

If you want to experiment with the handle saddle, starting with the mad4one makes sense, but if you want to stick to “normal” seats, I prefer the QU-AX.

I don’t think the weight differences will be very noticeable while riding, and neither will be any stiffness difference (if there is one I can’t notice it, but I haven’t ridden a QX RGB and a M4O back to back, only on seperate occasions).

Honestly, you’ll be happy with either (which you already know)…


Get what you gravitate towards. That way you won’t regret your purchase.

But, I think it comes down to the cranks you like. And whatv you already have.
Tyres, you can get from anywhere, as long as you get the right size and width.
I’m not sure q-axle is really superior to isis.
I do think that the quax looks better with the anodized finish, but you have to pay extra for that.
I only have Nimbus, so I would choose quax for something different, when it’s just for getting around town.

Some facts that might help:

Personally I think a KH t bar would be nice for Road riding since it is more versatile in angle etc. than a handle saddle.

The rim that comes on the RGB is 18 g lighter than the one with the holes from Mad4one

The 600g lighter or what ever it is you will feel when directly trying both(I switched from 27,5" KH (rim with the holes, very similar to the Mad4one ones, probably my KH uni was the the same weight like the Mad4one) to a 27,5" RGB, both same tube same tire and I could feel the lighter uni for the first 2 days, after that it became the new normal)

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It’s a solid, robust machine.

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Oh, I should have checked this, then. I just assumed that the rim with holes has to be lighter. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll update my original post…

The problem is that this changes at least every day that I think about it at least once.

That’s a good point. I mean it’s lighter but apart from that. My experiences with the bicycle equivalent weren’t all positive.


I think we can all relate to the trouble of choosing :joy:
Maybe it means you are rushing it. Wait and see a bit.

Another pro M4O point that I just found out: 29EUR shipping rather than 60EUR for the RGB.

60 Euro shipping for the RGB are sure? At it says 36€ for a package up to 10 kg into Switzerland

I only checked the shop on because they give you all the choices for colours. But true, maybe I should check out, too.

Wow, I was told Switzerland was freaky expensive, but I assumed it was an exaggeration.