Decent Trials Unicycle

Hello everyone. Recently a friend of mine decided that he’d like to take up unicycling, and he’s interested in a trials/street unicycle (preferably used nimbus, KH, or K1 but I’ll look at all the offers for him.) I’m sure he’d like to buy all the parts at once from the same place. He’d like to keep it under $250, but something around $200 would be nice.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Tell him to keep an eye out on, I scored a nimbus signature trials there 2 weeks ago for $230 instead of the standard $310.

Alright, thanks a lot buddy. I’ll be sure to tell him.

I’ve got a used Qu-ax with a KH Fusion freeride saddle that I’d part with for $225 or thereabouts. pm me if interested.

Alright, I’m kinda speaking for my friend here, but I’ll see if he’s interested.

The Qu-ax is no longer available… A non-unicyclist who didn’t know it was for sale pretty much walked up and bought it.

I might have one for your friend Eli, I’ll talk to you on MSN as soon as possible, it will not be too pricey that’s for sure, but it’s a strong uni:)

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