Dec 7th & 8th: much mud muni madness

Hello everyone,

This is to announce a weekend of mud, mud, more mud and some super duper Muni-ing to be held on the 7th and 8th December.

Come out and catch the trails while they’re at their best, none of that easy summer riding, this will be full on slippy slidy fun.


The riding will be based in the North Downs near Dorking. These are the closest decent trails to me and I know them pretty well. There’s some top stuff, from stony fireroads to technical singletrack to absolutely ridiculous downhill in a vertically edged chalk quarry if anyone is feeling particularly suicidal.

There’s also some really good trails been built out there, including a particularly good (!and legal!) one we were working on last weekend, a long fast section of bermed singletrack that gets twistier and twistier and then leads into a lovely downhill with steps over roots winding round through the woods. There may even be some north shore style stuff if it isn’t too wet.


Dec 7th & 8th

Probably a long ride on the 7th, with a shorter ride on the 8th followed by a big pub lunch, followed by as much riding as anyone wants to do after lunch.

Also maybe a proper long night ride evening of the 6th if anyone is interested in making a whole weekend of it.


Either stay in a b&b in or near Dorking (there seem to be quite a few), Caravan site in Holmbury, or there’s also a very limited amount of sleeping space available in my flat which is in Balham, easy to get out to Dorking from by train, probably a bad place if you’re driving though.

Difficulty Level:

If you’re relying on the trains (I will be), it will involve some quite long rides, be prepared to ride 20 miles or so in a day. If you’ve got a car, and don’t feel up to monster rides, there are some obvious points to park to cut down on the distance involved. The level of difficulty of the riding will probably be high in parts, but if you coped with the singletrack on the BMW ride, you shouldn’t have too much problem, there’ll be a few bits I’ll be walking, but nothing too impossible.

24"-29" wheel size muni. Knobbly tire essential. Waterproof top of some kind. Helmet. Some unicycling ability.

I’ll post more details once I know if anyone’s interested.


I’ll be there

Cool. I take it that means we get to see one of your custom munis!

In case anyone is confused by the way, that’s Dorking in Surrey near London in the UK.

My email is if anyone wants more info

Re: Dec 7th & 8th: much mud muni madness

Damn! :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

Yep - I’ll try to bring one of each, coker, trials, hockey, muni
and maybe a seat prototype.

Can I crash on your floor by the way?


how do you fancy doing the red bull as a team of two this year?
either that or I may have to do it solo too.

Cool, can’t wait to see those frames. Our floor is fine.

As for Red BUll, I’m currently not intending to do it solo, maybe a team of two if they have that category in Red Bull this year. Any one else interested in doing an insanely long offroad race next summer? If a few people wanted to solo it I might be up for riding solo again.

hey I’ve seen your bubble wrap killing ability, surely that counts as some ability?