I have decided to get an upgrade for one of my unis. I’m thinking I want to get a deathgrip for my muni, but I’m not sure if it is a waste of money or not. I want to spend less than 90 dollars. Whaddaya think i should get?

I think they cost 65 dollars.

I recently e-mailed Scott to see if he will be available to make DeRail bases and he said it would take him more than 3 weeks to get around to it.

Do you have a CF base? If you don’t, get one. You will need one for a deathgrip anyways.

Another good option are brakes, or multi hole cranks.

or a good set of epdals if you don’t have any

and yes, be it KH style of derail, you really need a carbon base before you go deathgrip

I have a deathgrip with a regular base and it works pretty well but its not rigid enough. A carbon fiber base will be my next purchase… way better.