Dear Wifey. I want/need another unicycle.

I’ve noticed several references to posts where the poster might want to pull the trigger on a new unicycle (such as an obscure Surly 24" on Craig’s list in CT or a giraffe in SoCal) but the poster isn’t interested in dealing with the wife.

I’ve found that if I want a new unicycle, I just buy the parts and build it out. For some bizarre reason, it seems like its an easier “sell” if I buy a hub, spokes, rim, rim strip, tire, tube, frame, seat, seat post, etc., than if I buy a new unicycle. Even if it is more work, costs MORE and there are more door bell rings as a result of multiple deliveries.

These things are addicting… I’ve been riding for a little over 4 years and own 7 unicycles… and I’m in the process of building a fat 26er wheel for my Triton Triple frame.

What do you do when you want, but certainly don’t need, a new uni? Wheel build? Part? How do you sell it to your “significant other”?

I just point out how many pairs of shoes she has…

For me it’s not about selling it, but buying it. What I mean is that whatever decision I make now I will end up paying for later. When I think about general happiness in my relationship with my wife, and kids I have to consider how acquiring a 9th (yikes) unicycle will impact everyone.

To multiply the problem: I have a stable of bikes, and I do independent bike repair which means that at any given time there are at least two or three customer bikes in the garage. At some point it has to be about thinning the herd, so if I get a Conundrum, what goes?

My solution was to blame it on the kids. Then I secretly splurge for all the best components so dear old Dad might get some use of it too. For example, the Todd tire and D’brake make my daughter’s 36" Nightfox ready for Coker MUni with a simple swap of the cranks.

Then my son’s prize for learning to ride his 20" Club is a used KH20 (now he wants to “bounce”). Splurge for an extra seatpost and source an old saddle so that dear old Dad has a trials rig to hone his MUni skills in on.

My wife loves spreadsheets. She kept bringing up putting a uni column in the budget spreadsheet. Ofcourse I resisted not wanting to be limited in that way. After asking for an oracle 36er for Christmas I happened to flip through my picture gallery on my phone. Impact Reagent last Christmas, Coker Big one in April, was busy all summer and didn’t ride much, Nimbus Oregon in October and now 36" Nimbus Oracle for Christmas again. And that’s just one year. I kind of saw her point. So I am getting the Oracle and a budget and get to stay married. But maybe there is a loophole, my oldest just learned to ride…

…sounds like an excellent opportunity to get re-aquainted with your spine. :roll_eyes:

That’s hilarious. :slight_smile:

to be honest, i have accumulated two 20" unicycles for the kids (who don’t ride them) and two 24" unicycles one for me and one for my wife (who doesn’t really ride it either) a 20" giraffe, a 36" with all sorts of upgrades and an ultimate wheel. I kind of understand that she does not immediately see that a 26” muni is desperately needed and that I would not say no to a schlumpf either.

Also I suspect that the remarks I get when cycling with the family are not helping either and that she kind of wishes that I would dress up like a clown and go mountain biking like everybody else.

But I agree that spoon feeding is the way to go.

What a funny thread! I love the idea of buying unicyles in pieces to get it into the house below the wife-radar. I have the perfect wife though. I own 10 unicycles, which she let me store (not all of them at the same time) and even ride in the living room.

My hubby flies remote controlled planes, soooooo if I fancy a new unicycle part hubbs will get some new rc bits.
Though hubb’s rc collection far outweighs my unicycle collection. :roll_eyes:
I actually gave a unicycle away the other day :astonished: , but it did go to a good home :slight_smile:

Great pics DavidHood

Well, I can’t say she’s my wife yet. But my significant other is pretty much the opposite of what I am reading here. She is incredibly encouraging and actually suggested I go and buy the tyre that was missing from my current 24" Surly build so as I could make it rideable :-). It might have something to do with her becoming as addicted to the whole one wheeled movement as yours truly… Though initially a tad intimidated by my most recent acquisition - a KH36, she has now done a few decent stretches on it and ends them with a glowing review of the 36er feeling (ahh… a true convert and uni advocate)… (Picture: my heart sings)

There are worst (more silly, expensive) things people can collect - men and women both, and I stress that the health benefits of single-wheeled accumulation are a major bonus to the obession/ read: hobby! (cough!)

Let the good times roll on! :smiley:

And above and beyond my collection - I am so proud to have taught my girlfriend. It’s nice to see her riding and enjoying the sport too :slight_smile:

Fairly simple:

  • she noticed that I am much more easy-going after riding: so I am investing in matrimonial harmony :smiley:
  • as someone noticed on the forum: when through middle-age angst it is less costly than investing in a Ferrari or a mistress … :smiley:

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.

Yeah, my wifey is totally down with investing in our toys so long as the price isn’t too ridiculous. We have a room in our two room condo dedicated to our “toys”, so I consider myself lucky. With that said, we don’t hang onto things that we either don’t use, want, or need for very long…as in everything in our home is for sale except for our toys.

Come the new year we’re looking to buy 26" unis, we just don’t know what size crank arms to go with.

More like, you are on a tear. Someone does need to shut down your operation, haha.

It’s a funny sport. When I got my first 20" Torker I would have been happy to just be able to ride it down the street. Then I picked up a torker 24" thinking the larger wheel would make learning easier (it did).

Then I bought a Triton Triple… with the intent of having a 26 and a 29… which I did after I built out the wheels. Still not satisfied I picked up a used 36er for longer road rides.

Then I picked up a 24", sort of a beat, rat unit, but it still counts.

Recently I bought a Reagent, to work on some slow skills that the trials discipline emphasizes.

This was over a four year period, nothing like buying 4 new units in a year. Still, my stable seems to be multiplying.

Like most folks on this thread my wife has been more than supportive of my riding. It’s great exercise and when I get back from any ride it’s like the pressure release valve has been opened. (@wobbling bear).

There can be some uncomfortable moments, however, when I tell her it’s time to pull the trigger on the next great deal.

Not quite as extreme as @DavidHood where he buys parts that will be interchangeable with his kids unis, I have loaned out a couple of the units to a couple friends who showed an interest in learning. One learned but gave it up.

I also mentor a kid in the community and have introduced him to unicycling. He’s had my 24 Torker for over 2 years now, so at least ALL of the units are not in my garage.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking every time a spouse objects to a new unicycle it’s because of the cost. My wife didn’t give me a hard time at all when I spent $2K+ building a geared-hub 32" earlier this year, but she is pretty certain I shouldn’t take up giraffe riding due to the likelihood of my meeting the sidewalk in a very unglamorous fashion. I have to admit, on this occasion she is probably right. And I’m not really that set on giraffe riding to push the issue. I pick my battles carefully.


I had to raid my gun fund for my Nimbus 29".

Every now-and-then I ride it around the range.

My system is to make sure they’re all the same color (KH blue), and to never put them in the same room. That worked for the first six (19… 29"), but now the plan is unravelling. I couldn’t ignore a recent sale, and that resulted in a new 36er (still in a box out in the garage. I’ll be fooling no one when that ferris wheel rolls out.

hilarious! post of the year candidate (late entry)

Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s easier to hide a KH19 than a KH36.