Dear Coker Riding Coffee Drinking Commuter

…who are you?

I saw you commuting to work 6 years ago in my home town of Barrie, Ontario Canada. You were drinking a coffee and idling at a stop light (aged 25+). You are part of my original inspiration for getting on one wheel. Given the nature of the sport, chances are you are a member or at least a creeper on these forums.

John Childs, were you riding in Barrie 6 years ago? :slight_smile:

I was certain this thread was for me. Good way to get my attention.

I’m glad there are other Coker riders out there not afraid to mix riding and coffee. Keep the java mojo going.

I drank Bawls on my Torker DX on the way to school multiple times, while listening to music.

Bawls is one good energy drink. bump

i like bawls in my mouth and in my stomache

I had a very similar inspirational moment about 5 years ago that made me want to unicycle. I saw a guy on a unicycle crossing the road in the city centre of my city while I went past in a car. That was a great moment.

i never really saw anyone on unicycles, except at the circus and on tv, but thinking about it im sure i saw someone in ypress in belgium when i was on a school trip to see the menim gate and some of the ww1 trenches about 1 1/2 years ago. im sure i saw someone on a unicycle with a bunch of peope on bikes, but i cannnot remember for ceritan and never really played attention.

And just think we may all one day, or already have been, one of these inspirations for prospective riders.

yeah i like to think some one has been inspired by me and the people i ride with, and that they have tried unicycling. i know theres someone out there in colchester that rides and im yet to know who the hell they are. people keep thinking its me and ive never been there

I know a family of people in my village that have learnt to unicycle cos of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. I know a couple of people who wouldn’t have learned if I wasn’t around.

well yeah my some of my friends can ride now, my brother and sisters were learning, and loads of my friends want to learn too. so i am a positive influence on people after all :smiley:

Don’cha just love it when you inspire someone to unicycle…
and then they quickly get much better than you .

Bondo, it sounds like you have more influence than all of us- via your radio transmissions. What station do you work for?

I do a morning show on KCMV 106.3 FM in Grand, Summit, Eagle and Routt Counties. Largest station in the Colorado Mountains.

I talk about unicycling a bit on the air…espcially after Moab this year…everyone heard about it!

In the summers I can ride to work (4 miles) but it’s awful early to commute (I’m on air by 6AM)

Hopefully I can find some Muni riders here in my town, I know there are a couple of guys…