Dealing with dogs Part II

Had to start a new thread just to tell you I have found a solution for the all annoying loose dogs!!! The last thread “dealing with dogs” was very enlightening. Thank you for all the recommendations from throwing a cat at them to throwing rocks at the owners. You were all very helpful but none as much as Jim. He had the most humane way that I thought I would try. It is called the “Dazer”. It is a repellant/training tool for dogs. It emits a high frequency that only the dogs can hear. Well needless to say I bought one. It arrived today and when i got home from work I tried it on my dogs. I am not trying to be mean but I had to try it somewhere. You don’t first test fire your gun in combat right? Anyway they jumped out of their skin and shot away from me. So far so good, it has been 2 hours and they haven’t returned! (just kidding). I got mine on ebay if any of you are interested. It ran $30 with shipping but I am sure it will be well worth it not to have to concern myself about the dogs around here (live in the country, no dogs on leashes). Thanks again for all the help. Rem48

Hmmm… I’m curious to hear how it handles dogs that are already bent on destruction. Hopefully it has the same effect!

How heavy is it? Does it fit in your pocket?
I wouldn’t want to use something to distress a dog if my voice and posture work, but something like that really could come in handy.

I met up with a dog while muniing today. I was alone and the dog was not friendly. He also would not stop following me.

However, just before that I was mounting on a road while a dog was walking near by. He was looking in my direction but the minute I freemounted and started to ride, he yelped and ran off. Go figure?

I find it funny that New York City’s dogs usually cower and hide behind their owners when I come along on my uni. Mine’s only a trials too. :smiley:

to answer both of you… I hope it works on dogs that are bent on destruction but I also hope never to find out! Ha! I was thinking of walking through the humane society to test it but decided against it! Ha! As for size. It is about four inches long, 1.5 wide. lightweight. It has a clip to clip on a belt of pants… Hope that helps

Lightweight and small. Just what I wanted to hear. Hopefully you’ll not have the chance to use it. But post if you do.


These are crazy questions. The pertinent questions are:

1.) How much POWER does it put out?
2.) Can you get one with more POWER?
3.) How do you increase the POWER from these devices?

Judging by the immediacy and strength of your dogs’ response I’d wonder if it has potential to harm a dog’s eardrums. Since we can’t hear it how do we know its impact? Did the Dazer come with any information about being proven safe for their ears?

[edit: I wondered because I’ve used a “dog whistle” for training, and recall that the dog will look toward the sound but won’t recoil from it, which suggests that the Dazer is super powerful and thus potentially harmful, such is my thinking.]

I thought of how much it might hurt the dog. But I’d rather even out the playing field a little in case of a real menacing dog. If it’s between me getting bit or hurting the dog, I know which I’ll take.

Oh, Harper’s questions were “good” too… Although I might advise him to rewrite them into one combined sentence. More is not always better. :wink:

A while ago I weant on a solo hike that went past sundown and for at least part of the way I was fallowed by a mountain lion. This device may have come in handy.

I did as they say to do. I looked at him/her, not directly, stood my ground (not turn and run) and yelled at him. I then sang loud and off key, and shined my flashlight behind me and the sides of the trail for another 1.5 hours untill I got to the trail head.

I e-mailed them asking about it’s effectiveness w/ wild animals.

I think pepper spray is your best bet. I have a hard time imagining this Dazer thing stopping a really aggressive dog.

Obviously they need to make a pepper spray Dazer combination that shoots out pepper spray as it makes the ultrasonic sound.

make sure you put it in the right way!

It comes with the info on it’s specs. It is a detterent (sp) not an ear drum buster. It was designed to get them to back off. I tried it again with my dog further away and he didn’t even take notice. THey say to operate it in 1-2 secs bursts and inside 30 feet. To me if they are that close and uninvited, they need to back off.

You are right, I am sure there are ones out there that will keeping coming. I guess I see this as a deterrent for the annoying dog, I would rather just shoot a vicious one.

OK, where can I get one in Slovenia, then? :roll_eyes:

Ebay! Those are the best deals. I bought mine from a pet supply discounter… just seemed logical.