Dealing with dogs part 2

A few months ago I asked in a thread what you all do to combat loose dogs. I got a lot of opinions and decided I would try one. It was a dog dazer. It emits a high frequency that only dogs can hear and irritates them. It does no physical harm to the animal. Well today I went to a new area on a ten mile ride. I was not sure of the dog situation so I took the dazer. 3 miles into it 4 dogs came out ready to make a snack out of me. I waited till they were about 15 feet away and yelled “NO” an hit the button. I then did it about 4 more times and you should have seen them change their minds! They could not figure out why every time I yelled their ears hurt. It was very nice not to be bitten. Then about 6 miles in I was passing a junk yard when out came a huge rotty and a mean extremely large mutt. Again I must have looked very tasty because they too seemed to want a bite. Same scenario… THey got close, they got dazed. It worked again. I am a firm believer in this way of handling dogs. If you want some info on it here is a link ( ). I am still open to any other ways you all deal with dogs. Hopes this helps some of you rural riders.

Glad to hear the Dazers work but I would want to be sure the batteries aren’t dead before I let a fierce dog get too close.


my thought too!

Damn, 5 dogs trying to eat you. Glad i don’t live there.

Cool. Glad you found something that works.

it’s part of living in the country!

lol…in the country all you have to deal with that’s even close to a dog is a pack of wolves…and they don’t really go after humans unless hard-pressed to do so.

Or do you live in Dogville?
Or Dogland, if that’s the country of which you speak. In any case, if there’s a significant number of dogs, you live near too many humans for me.

In fact, I would say that 99.9% of humans live near too many humans.

Thats weird, I have never had a problem with dogs attacking me. Everyone around here has little tiny dogs so I just have to not run them over and kill them. I did almost run over a cat though.

I’ve got a couple of those dog dazers. One is chambered for 9mm the other .45 ACP.

hehehehe, ‘daze’ the careless owners first! :wink:

When I first read about unicycling here at, I read several threads about dogs attacking unicyclist. Got the idea that dogs were especially bothered by unicycle riders. I haven’t had that problem.

Funny, one dog scared me, but the second time I saw him, I could see he was bringing his ball with hope of playing some catch.

Having said that, I’m sure dogs can be a real threat, and am glad to read that the dazer works well.

5 Dogs in 1 ride? Maybe we should ride down by my house…

Glad to hear you didn’t get eaten.