I have checked the archives and haven’t found anything for “denubbing”. What exactly does this mean? How it done? Is it necessary? What tools do I need?

The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that is has something to do with the cranks.

its a mod to some unis that have no q factor on the cranks…like a summit…it just means filing off that annoying little buldge where the crank meets the hub. alot of people have trouble with the “nub” hitting their ankles. it is not at all nessesary.

“buldge?” Do you mean the outer part of the cranks where the axle bolt goes? The Buldge being the “lip” or raised round opening for the axle bolt? :thinking:

KH cranks '03 and back had nubs whare they were bolted on. Here’s a pic with the nub removed, and an '04 KH bolt used. The link has a better pic.

^^^ yeah listen to PDC he knos his stuff

Ok, I think I get it. After the “denubbing”, will the original axle bolt go “in” the extra depth that would then be added with the removal of the nub, orwould I need tocut the axle bolt threads down?
Also, the crank in that link pic appears to have been filed only HALF way 'round. My torker dx cranks have that “lip” going all the way around where the axle bolt goes. Do you use a regular grinding wheel?

Here’s a pic

anybody know if the KH '04 bolts will fit into a '06 Torker DX hub for the nub removal process?

Just a thought, but if you aren’t sure which bit is removed, and if you don’t know if it’s necessary, then maybe you could try not attacking your cranks with power tools for dubious benefit?

I had a metal shop do mine for $10 with a milling machine. Others have used a hacksaw. On a Summit/KH you dont need to cut the '04 KH bolts down. The whole nub should be cut down as far as the weld. The surface needs to be flat and true so the bolt will sit evenly on it.
The link 3 posts up clearly shows what the nub is. I would think the the round headed KH bolt would work in the Torker as it’s a standard crank bolt, but not sure. Darren has the bolts.

thanks for the info, i already knew about denubbing for some time but have put it off as the effect of the nubs on the torker havent got in my way too many times.
i had already asked darren about the bolts and he said he could supply me, however the cost of shipping them from canada to new zealand makes it not so worthwhile, udcUk sells them also and udcNZ said that they would get some for me from udcUK in the next lot of stuff that is sent over.

anyways, off to photograph some stuff :slight_smile: