DC Unicyclists

Attention all DC Unicyclists:

I go to AU and am desperate for unicycle friends (people at AU surprisingly do not understand the greatness of unicycling) and company for muni rides. If a) you live in DC and b) you unicycle, then e-mail me and we can wreak havok on our nation’s capital with mad unicycle skills.


Last I remember, Nbrazzi lives in Georgetown. I haven’t seen him post here in a while though. There were talks of the HoW gang meeting up with him somewhere for a ride. Never happened though.

I live in dc for part of the year, and often visit home there from pittsburgh.

dc uni

Yes the Hell on Wheel meet-up never happened. i am trying to start a DC HoW branch here (i just moved up from richmond, hometown of HoW) but i have been unsucessful in locating one wheeled friends…

Re: DC Unicyclists

Hi, I like to invite all of you to this Tour, please if you have any question
reply to me or if you think you can come let me know.

First Annual
Unicycle Tour da Leola

Date: Sunday, October 19, 2003 (Rain date October 26, 2003)
Location: Leola Elementary School (back parking lot & gym)
11 School Drive
Leola, PA 17540

Calling Unicycle riders of ALL ages
(If you can ride unicycle, please come)

Come Join the C.L.U.B. (County of Lancaster Unicycle Balancers) in a 3 mile
ride through the Maples Development and a performance by 7 schools from the
Lancaster County area.

Registration at 2:00 PM Helmets are
required for
Ride at 2:30 PM all
Performances at 5:00 PM

Refreshments available

Inquiries can be directed to Marti Beiler at (717) 656-9264

Please try to be at the school by 2:00 PM sharp. We will have tables for
registration and filling out all forms (Medical, ride release, parent/guardian
signatures, etc.)
All riders will receive a packet with forms, a meal ticket, and a ride number
to pin on shirts.
After you have all forms completed and your number pinned, go to the starting

At approximately 2:30 PM we will start the ride.
Grand Marshall (Paul Hosler) will lead the ride.
All riders will ride at their own pace and ride along with whomever they want
This is not a race.
There will be three water breaks along the route for riders to rest and
Members of the C.L.U.B. (parents) will be on bicycles along the route to
assist anyone with a concern or problem. No other bicycles will be permitted on
the route.
The route will be clearly marked and fire/police escort will be present at
all intersections.
A support vehicle will be driving behind the last rider at all times.

While the riders are on the tour:
The parents and all spectators may walk to any point along the route and
watch the riders. The route will be through the Maples Development and parts of
it are within walking distance of the school. We ask that no cars be driven to
watching points.
The gym will be opened at this time for you to get a seat for the performance.
The food will be served at this time.

As the riders return back to school:
Please take your unicycle into the gym. We will have a spot reserved for
each school in the hallway of the school. All unicycles will stay at this spot
until it is your turn to perform.
Take this time to eat and talk to all riders and get acquainted with people
who share your love for the sport.
All riders will have a meal ticket in their packet to use at this time.

The performance in the gym starts at 5:00 PM:
We will have programs for each person as they are being seated.
The programs will have the order of business and any information you will

David Ramos

if someone would give me a ride i would be happy to go. i live in DC.

Well, here’s another thread that I missed. Its a good thing somebody revived it. I work on sundays, so I can’t go to that thing.

But, how about this for an opening suggestion. This friday or saturday. Fountainhead park in virginia (near woodbridge). The best Muni I’ve found in the area yet.

you need a car. or maybe not patapsco park is near a marc train stop on the way to baltimore.

i used to be a mtnbiker in the dc/baltimore area. i’ve sinced moved to texas and traded in 2wheels for one. i’d love to go back to my favorite spots and muni.

seek out:

gambrils state park near fredricksburg, MD
patapsco state park southwest of baltimore, near I95
there’s a park near rockville, forgot the name.
lockraven resevoir is great, north of baltimore.

next time i come home to visit, i’ll email you.