DC Uni 2009

Welcome to the official thread for DC Uni (unicyclists of Washington D.C.). I’m excited to say that, as of January 2009, our club has 26 members and our member jurisdiction extends from Richmond to Maryland. Most of our members are from Northern VA and the University of Maryland. Ages range from 11 on up to 50+. We certainly have been a growing community of unicyclists in the DC area since 2007. Because DC is the main city of our location and because James (siafirede) thought of the name before I did, our group is called “DC UNI”. If you live in our area and you would love to join our group, please send me a message. Currently, we’re working on t-shirts.

Feel free to use this thread to converse with other unicyclists in DC Uni.

Events coming up:
2009 Congress of Jugglers @ UMD

2009 Unicycle of Dimes: date TBD


The shirt color and logo (which will represent DC Uni) has been agreed on:

Now for the motto: I gave everyone a few months to think about motto suggestions. Below are the mottos to choose from. Here’s how voting will work: each member will choose ONLY TWO mottos that he/she likes. You can reply your choice via email or on this forum but you can only vote ONCE so make it count! At the end of January, I will talley up all the votes and the motto that has the highest score will become our shirt/club motto.

Choose TWO of your favorites:

“Never 2 Tired”

“there is no other wheel”

“it’s more fun on just one”

“Why ride two when one will do?”

“half the bike, twice the talent”

“It’s not an act, it’s a sport! -Kris Holm”

#7 (already featured on an existing MUNI t-shirt)
“No gears
No brakes
No handlebars
No problem”

“The other wheel is on my other unicycle”

“Because there has to be a harder way to do this”

#10 (kidding, but thought it was funny)
“Help prevent overpopulation. Ride a unicycle”

“Eat. Sleep. Unicycle.”

“Idle hands are why God created juggling”

#13 (corny)
“We’re wheelie cool!”

“It doesn’t have another wheel”

“Single track
Single wheel”

If you are interested in getting a DC UNI shirt, please help me out by letting me know your size (S/M/L/XL) and quantity you want so I can calculate how many to order. Once everyone responds I can tell everyone how much their individual shirt will cost BEFORE we order. It appears that the more shirts that are ordered, the cheaper the individual cost is. I will be ordering some extras for future members so it appears that it will probably cost us about $8 per shirt. So far, this is how many shirts requests there are:

Joey Neigh 2 MED
Jono Swartz 1 MED
Joe Levesque 2 MED
Peter Hufford 1 MED
Dylan Radford 1 MED
Max McWhirter 1 MED
Matthew Bishop 1 SMALL (?)
Albert Coia 1 MED
Max Gaitan ?
Claude 1 XL
Andrew 1 MED

I have brakes, gears, and handlebars on my uni =]

As far as the motto goes…just be sure that if you got it from somewhere else that the original creator doesn’t mind.

I guess the two I like are seven and eight.

Also whats the 2009 Unicycle of Dimes thing?

In 1998 you couldn’t buy any of those things and gears were still a ways off. :slight_smile:

I like 1, 5 and 6. But on 6, just use the quote, not the attribute. To 99.9% of people who see the shirt, Kris Holm will be about as meaningful as all those signatures on your unicycle.

I also like 9, which is possibly my favorite.

I’m just trying to be respectful to the one who made the quote–others may not know him but to us, we know. I see what you mean, though, but I don’t want to commit the horrible crime of plagiarism. :slight_smile:

John, I was reading in UNI magazine (issue 2) how you had a club back in the 80’s-90’s in the NYC Unicycling Club article. Have you ever ridden with them? On a different note, I have the impression that Minnesota is the unicycling capitol of the US.


This is our thread, Albert. I added “2009” because that’s the year we’re in and it makes the thread title a little bit longer and thus, easier to see. It appears more current, relevant, and when we get to 2010, we’ll know this thread was last year’s old thread. :smiley:

I’ll vote for 8 and 11.

Joey- put me down for one medium shirt. I’m not too sure about the sizing, but I’ll let you know if I need a different size. Thanks.

Well don’t worry about it–I’m buying a bunch of extras so you can try them on before you buy it!

What do I do to become a member of DC Uni? I live in Maryland right next to the D.C. line.

As for a motto, what about something more related to D.C. itself?

Wheel Isolation without Representation? That one is really corny, but I think it’d be nice to have a motto that no other club could use.

Of what you’ve listed, 8 is my favorite.

I agree, something more DC related would be better.

Just shoot Joey (thread starter) a PM with your email address and name.

For now, he is just sending updates via email, but I am going to turn my site (in my sig) into a club website.

Update 1/15/09

Hello everyone!

We have quite a few new members: Claudine Stone, Max Aifer, Ben Bassett, Alison Fallecker, and explosionsq (I need your info!). We now have 28 members of DC Uni!!

I would like to remind you to vote on a shirt motto if you have not yet done so. At the end of this month, I will talley up all the votes and we’ll have a new motto for our club shirt. So far, the leading mottos are #8 with 6 votes (“The other wheel is on my other unicycle”) and number #9 with 3 votes (“Because there has to be a harder way to do this”). My favorite “Eat. Sleep. Unicycle.” only has 2 votes . But there’s still time and plenty of votes that have yet to be made. Even if you’re not buying a shirt, please vote! 16 days left. Also, please check to see if your shirt order info is correct. I’m not ordering yet–that will be sometime in February.

Name / Shirt / Voted?
Aifer, Max / ? / no
Amon, James / ? / no
Arbus, David / ? / no
Bassett, Ben / 1M / yes
Bishop, Kevin / ? / no
Bishop, Matthew / 1M / yes
Blunt, Ryan / ? / no
Bynum, Nathan / ? / no
Coia, Albert / 1M / yes
Crilley, Philip / ? / no
Critchfield, Dave / 1XL / yes
Douglas, Mike / ? / no
Fallecker, Alison / ? / no
Gaitan, Max / 1M / yes
Hufford, Peter / 1M / yes
Jones, John / ? / no
Kruszewski, Matt / ? / no
Levesque, Joe / 2M, 1S / yes
Magnuson, Andrew / 1M / yes
Magnuson, Claude / 1XL / yes
McWhirter, Max / 1M / no
Napear, Beth / ? / no
Neigh, Joey / 2M / yes
Radford, Dylan / 1M / no
Stone, Claudine / 1S / no
Swartz, Jono / 1M / no
Zhitomirskiy, Ilya / ? / no
explosionsq / 1XL, 1S / no

DC Uni SHIRTS - You may only vote once and you must include the numbers of TWO of your favorite mottos (vote for 2 mottos).

#1 - 1 vote
“Never 2 Tired”
#2 - 1
“there is no other wheel”
#3 - 0
“it’s more fun on just one”
#4 - 1
“Why ride two when one will do?”
#5 - 2
“half the bike, twice the talent”
#6 - 0
“It’s not an act, it’s a sport! -Kris Holm”
#7 - 2
“No gears
No brakes
No handlebars
No problem”
#8 - 6
“The other wheel is on my other unicycle”
#9 - 3
“Because there has to be a harder way to do this”
#10 - 2
“Help prevent overpopulation. Ride a unicycle”
#11 - 2
“Eat. Sleep. Unicycle.”
#12 - 0
“Idle hands are why God created juggling”
#13 - 0
“We’re wheelie cool!”
#14 - 0
“It doesn’t have another wheel”
#15 - 0
“Single track
Single wheel”

You have me listed as having not voted, but in my first post I voted for number 8.

But, I do seriously think we should brainstorm ideas for a more D.C. related motto… I can see how that would be difficult as you’ve already set up a whole voting system, so if it’s too much trouble then forget it.

Yeah, chalk one more up for number 8.

You need to choose two, so that’s #8 and what else do you like?

Only one motto will win in the end. The reason I’m giving people two choices to vote for so that the result spread will be a little more even and reflect the club as a whole.

#8 is in the lead with 7 votes followed by #9 with 4 votes.

A few people have said that the motto should reflect the “DC” aspect of our club. Well, I gave everyone 2 months to think of motto ideas. What you see is what you get. Maybe next year, someone will come up with a new slogan and we’ll make shirts for 2010. But for now, this is our first club shirt project. We’ve already progressed this far and less than half of the DC uni memebers are actively involved in participating and responding emails and club messages. We need these shirts done before Spring rolls around so we’re kind of on a time constraint. If you want to start thinking of club mottos for the future, go ahead. If nobody else in our club votes that hasn’t already, then #8 will more than likely be seen on the back of our shirts.

If anyone has any questions or anything at all, feel free to post them here! :slight_smile:

Have you voted yet?

The following DC UNI members have not submitted their vote for a shirt motto. Even if you’re not buying a shirt, please vote! You get to choose two. You have one week left to vote–please participate! :slight_smile:

#8 is in the lead with 6 votes, followed by #9 with 4 votes.

#1 - “Never 2 Tired”
#2 - “there is no other wheel”
#3 - “it’s more fun on just one”
#4 - “Why ride two when one will do?”
#5 - “half the bike, twice the talent”
#6 - “It’s not an act, it’s a sport! -Kris Holm”
#7 - “No gears, no brakes, no handlebars, no problem!”
#8 - “The other wheel is on my other unicycle”
#9 - “Because there has to be a harder way to do this”
#10 - “Help prevent overpopulation. Ride a unicycle”
#11 - “Eat. Sleep. Unicycle.”
#12 - “Idle hands are why God created juggling”
#13 - “We’re wheelie cool!”
#14 - “It doesn’t have another wheel”
#15 - “Single track, Single wheel”

Who hasn’t voted yet:
Max Aifer
James A.
David A.
Kevin B.
Ryan B.
Nathan B.
Philip C.
Alison F.
John J.
Matt K.
Max McWhirter
Beth N.
Dylan R.
Ilya Z.
Explosionsq - you need to choose two, not one.

Hey Joey,

I vote for #9 and #10 and put me down for one medium shirt.

Hope to see you guys soon!

Do you guys have club meetings. Im gonna be in The D.C this weekend and it would be cool to swing by if you guys are getting together

no, we don’t really have club meetings as far as i’m aware; in fact, it’s been far too long since i saw any of these guys. anyone wanna meet up in the city? i’m busy during the days this weekend, but evenings are free.

We’ll be having more rides once the weather gets nice again.

anytime anyone feels like some Muni down in the cville area, let me know.

Thinking about/most likely will do a fathers day muni at sherando lake/big levels this year…

I want one of those shirts!!! :smiley: