DayNight sponsor request

Hello, my name is Josef and i´m living in sweden and have been unicycling for little more than one year now, and seriuusly for nearly exactly one year, and it is my biggest inresest, i´m training often and motivated.

Here´s the video

You are fantastic.

The only thing I have to critique is the number of repeated tricks. If you didn’t repeat any, it could have been a 2 or 3 minute vid.

I question your song choice, however it was edited to nicely, regardless of the number of flashes. haha.

Good luck with the sponsor!

You’re clearly a good rider but I don’t think you need to label all your tricks unless you’re doing something that’s hard to notice.

The thing is that i wanted double flip, 180 lateflip standup wheelwalk and treyflip many times from different perspectives

really cool video

and good editing;)

you have a cool style

but your “360 lateflip” was ionly a littlebit more like 180 :roll_eyes: and not 360:o



Amazing riding for one year.


To many repeated tricks,

Terrible song :p,

To much/incorrect labeling,

SLIGHTLY to many hops.

Otherwise good.

I wanted to try how unicycling looked with shaky camera to that song, but you´ve right with the other critic, thanks :slight_smile:

You are completely amazing for one year.
Your style reminds me of Fredrik’s sort of.
I actually liked the editing a lot. Yo did label tricks a bit much, but even that didn’t bother me much. Really good video.

Nice editing but the labeling was annoying. Sex Change double was sweet.

Fredrik… His new vid is amazing!

I thought the music was absolutley terrible but that’s just me. Editing, filming, and riding were all great.


nice bag of tricks, think you should try and go a little bigger. But for one year, its pretty good. Just make sure you dont get straight into all the flip tricks before you get some solid fundamentals down.

the best part was when you labled a “grind” and a “turn”. hahaha

oh by the way, is your lip gloss poppin?

(song actually wasnt bad, but after 2 mintues it is)

Are those loteks i see you wearing there! Hmm maybe orchid. Either way good choice of shoes.

Great riding. I didn’t like all the white flashes.

Hey I for one was glad to see the tricks labeled as I read about these moves but do not always know what is what.
Good edits. Stellar riding.

solid riding for only one year. ya i agree with most everyone else and didnt really like the editing or song but no biggy. most important was riding and try some stuff down some stairs next time :slight_smile:

You’ve got some awesome tricks for one year. Didn’t think the vid was very well made though. Too many clips in the dark, repeated tricks and the song was terrible lol. If you keep up the progress you’ll be a top rider in no time.

great riding for a year !!! lol the music was allright and then it dragged on and started harassing my ear.Double sexchanges look sooooo cool :astonished:

Thought the vid was well put together, apart from the flashes which i didn’t like. Music was terrible :stuck_out_tongue: May have sliiightly suited the video… But I had to turn the music off to be honest.

Awesome tricks though, your definitely a name to watch out for.

Thanks for all your critic, it´s helping me a lot :slight_smile: now you think that i´m ironic, but i am not :wink: