Daydreamin - street unicycling

Hey everyone.

Had some of this footage for a while and finally got around to filming some more in the last few weeks. hope you like it :slight_smile:

dammit theres my idea gone i had the same song and everything started guess ill go next idea

Awesome style.

The fakie 5 spin was rediculously clean :astonished:

That was sick! I really liked it. Keep it up! :sunglasses:

Amazing riding! You look kinda mad when you ride(look at his face).

Nice vid. smooth combos and lines.

nice vid and good style!:):slight_smile:

very good vid, awesome style and a lot of clean tricks! :slight_smile:

nice vidio, the combination with how-spins are very cool

nice vid! but i think you could have ended it a little better! it always annoys me when im watching a good video and all of the sudden its just over. no fade out or anything!

hey really cool vid man :sunglasses:
like your style, keep it up;)

Wicked video ! Really enjoyed this one :smiley:

Dude, can’t wait to ride with you at uninats. You have the exact same stance and everything as me, so will be awesome.

Edit: Noooooo!!! Your a left hander! Ahh, ruin it.

Great stuff. :slight_smile:

that was awesome. great job with the 540’s.

You are really good at static combos. Nice work here.

And diggin the farmers tan :wink:

thanks heaps everyone :smiley: glad you enjoyed it. the ending was a little dodgey, i thought of changing it but was too lazy! although it did fade out. :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant wait to ride with you at uninats either chris, you wierd right handed rider!

And the tan was from working at a vineyard! haha it slightly better now :stuck_out_tongue: like in the clip where i do the 540 towards the camera…

oh and i was probably concentrating not mad! i dont get mad very often. :slight_smile:

Very nice vid!
love it because this was a real street vid and not like the most vids now flatland/street vids.

shaun kelly and spencer already made a video with this song btw :wink:

AKA - Round 2.

Awesome video though, your style is really awesome, and you’ve got a great bag of tricks.

Can’t wait to see more,