Day Dreaming

Adrien upload that awesome video to our server tonight. A video which make me just good feeling. Enjoy!

watch it: Day Dreaming
Get it: daydreaming.mp4

hickquint off ledge?
im not even all the way through
im not sure if they’re quints, i cant tell

This is awesome. Its nice to see crazy tricks in really good quality. The filming and editing make it nice to watch too.

It flips 4 times, not 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

aw :frowning:
still amazing, but i really want someone to land a quint! :stuck_out_tongue: and I know adrien can hickquad flat, so couldnt see why he’d do it down a drop again :stuck_out_tongue:
amazing video, very nice editing, as olaf said! :smiley:
The video has a nice feel to it!

Just a great video. Loved the 7 on wheel.

Was going to say this on Bobousse’s video with Elliot but forgot. Filming/editing the combos like that make the combo lack credibility. Its obvious they have the skill to complete the combo, and maybe the did the whole combo, but when filmed/edited like that it def lacks credibility.

Couldn’t watch the whole vid, my computer is going too slow, I’m sure its awesome though.

loved the video, and the filming was top notch!

Havent got the video to load yet! but i saw the other one and agree with chris about how it was filmed, combo’s should be one un-broken clip maybe show other angles of good bits in a picture in picture or just after the ful clip.

Can this be put on vimeo please? :slight_smile:

Cool video. I really liked the editing and the flow of the video.

making a video is kinda artistic, it’s not only to show skill, but to show it well
may be filming/editing like that make the video having less credibility, but at least it looks really good, and i think that’s what’s important for a video
myself i just really prefer these type of vids really well filmed than vids filmed in garage or on a raw parking…

as for the video i really like it, i think it’s the best from adrien



Wow, really cool video! Editing was done very nice :).

I completely agree!
I remember back in the days before HD filming, when people filmed on poor quality digi cams, the tricks look so much better and now that flips and spins are getting so quick, it’s so much easier to see what’s going on. I understand what Chris is saying, when you cut, it does make people wonder if the line has been completed in more than one take, but from an asthetic point of view, it looks a million times better.

Ali, in recent times, it seems that doing tricks off ledges has become easier than doing them on flat, in the eyes of many. Although you have more time to flip, I still think tricking off obstacles is better than doing them on flat, that being said, I like Street more than Flat.

Loved the video, edited well plus crazy riding, really liked the 720 on the wheel.
Bobousse, Eli and Will have got me into watching Flatland vids, this vid has got me into them even more, thanks for taking the time to share it with us.


720 on wheel was insane :stuck_out_tongue: and for some reason i like how he landed it sketchily :smiley:

Quads and Hickquads were awesome and Bedia’s freestyle was awesome!

I want more!

WOW! 7spin on the wheel! :astonished: Is Adri first with it?
I like how you play same trick in slow motion and from another angle :slight_smile:

So sweet, great filming and tricks :slight_smile:

Nice video, I really liked the filming editing& Riding

Nope, Alexander Ladikoff was the first one.