Day 5 on a unicycle

Pretty happy so far, gotta say this is way more fun than I’d anticipated!

Turn in the other direction too! Geez, how quick of a learner are you…

Turning left seems a lot harder but working at it haha, I used to skateboard a lot and unicycling actually reminds me a ton of learning to skateboard. Repetition and commitment. Very addictive feeling, looking forward to trying to get mounts figured out, still mounting off a box but I think that’ll be a long way away.

Damn good riding. I bet you’ll be freemounting really soon, maybe just get rid of your box… plenty of videos anyway on how to mount.

That is how I felt as a beginner. I started unicycling thinking it was a novelty skill, something you’d put on a bucket list. Then I got hooked.

I assume you’re going to keep learning new stuff, Rob. Warning: it’s possible that new skill acquisition may not happen with such super-human speed as you’ve already demonstrated. Be patient if that happens. I had the good fortune of being a slow learner as a beginner. As a result, I never became impatient when I didn’t learn something right away. But, as you said, unicycling is fun, so putting in the time is worth it. As Gockie mentioned, work on turning both ways and start learning to free mount. Good luck!

I think this will be the case for me, went to a basketball court yesterday and had a few successful freemounts somewhere between a rollback and static from what I can tell (dont have the internet just data on my phone so havent been able to watch tutorials) they were incredibly shakey and wild feeling but I rode away from 2 or 3 and felt like I was flying. My bicycle is looking at me sad because I’ve spent hours on my unicycle I normally spend on the bicycle haha

Didn’t ride a bike for a few years after I took up the uni.

However I bought a mountain bike recently to go riding with my sons. No way I can keep up on a uni. Both of them have learnt to ride uni too.

The elder son has uncanny ability and was riding my trials uni right across the grass in my front yard after twenty minutes experience on a uni. He bought his own then.

He has since ridden my 26 and 29 muni wheels on fire trails on his first attempts. He was struggling with mounting the 29 so I described a grab mount which I can’t do. He just did it and rode away first try and repeated it perfectly every time.

You are probably getting to the point of riding where it will be a hassle to walk back to your assisted mounting location. So, you are learning free mounts at the right time. Nice work!