Day 1 of my unicycle learning adventure!

I received my torker lx 20" earlier today, and I’ve been practicing on and off for about 2 hours now. I’ve mostly been practicing balancing and attempting to idle in a door frame while watching a movie. still a little wobbly, but I can idle by myself with pedals parallel for about 5 seconds before I need to touch the sides. I find idling with pedals vertical is much more difficult. I just now took it outside on my front porch to just see if I was able to move forward at all.

I can mount well now while holding onto something (I dare not try without a support yet) and I finally learned how to get on so that my right jewel is not getting constant attention… (I am wearing some mountain biking shorts too with a nice padded area both in front and back, which is helping a bit.

BUT what got me so excited was that I finally managed to actually move forward with decent balance, I rode about 10 feet, but as I do not know how to turn, I ended up flying off the front steps of the porch, and crashing below. (Just 2 steps, but it sounds dramatic right?) Which is why I took a break to come and post this =D

How very exciting!! I feel like a small child again.

Any tips?

Personally, I found that I was able to freemount a lot better once I learned just to ride around.

I would say: learn the basic riding before you worry yourself too much with freemounting. The balance that you get once you earn to maneuver yourself and take turns while riding will transfer to freemounting.

Don’t get too excited and hurt yourself. Wear a helmet and shin guards.

Better advice to follow.

with the help of my van to mount, and using my right hand on the front handle, I can go up and down the drive way! (Turning occasionally) A few times I even took it off into the dirt and rocks, it was very exciting… What a big day for me! hahaha, I just had a grin on my face the whole time.

The thing that helped me out, was that I realized I was not putting as much weight on the seat as I should have been, plus I was leaning too far back, once I forced myself to lean forward, I started truckin along!!

I’m not sure exactly where you’re at, seems like riding on your own already? Not sure but here are my tips for learning by my experience. I’m sure you read my thread too!

First learn to spin the cranks, not from top to bottom but pedal before the top. More like from parallel to ground to parallel. Perpendicular will mess you up.
Then get the forward/back balance. Hands to side works best. Then twist a bit side to side for sideways balance. Then go freely, work on turns, trying to go around objects, hills. Thats where I’m at. :smiley:

I get how to mount, but I still have to use something else to keep myself stabilized as I first get on. I can then pedal off and across my driveway (It’s curved, it’s bumpy, and it’s about maybe 30 feet total distance.) Then I have to get off or turn into the dirt and ride a different direction (which I did a few times, very entertaining) I can only kind of balance in place with pedals parallel, vertical doesn’t work for me at all, I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I had planned to get good at idling first, but riding forward is so much easier, and fun. I also rode through the dirt and wood chip area a few times, it’s much more difficult because it’s damp and soft and very loose.

When I first got a decent length ride where I was actually in control, it was cool, it’s a very surreal kind of feeling.

So I can idle with pedals parallel to the ground for about 5 seconds average, and I can go forward with decent control (not uphill though) and that’s about it haha.

You sound like your making a lot of progress!!:slight_smile:

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about idling until I’ve got riding down forward mastered. Turning comes naturally once you can ride.

Keep practicing, you’ll be a uni-master in no time i’m sure!!:smiley:

Thank you and everyone else for the tips, I like your advice best, because I don’t feel like idling, I wanna ride!! =P

As for turning, mine was a bit sluggish and not very precise, but it wasn’t something I had to consciously think about, I just did it.

Day 2!!

Managed to freemount fairly consistently on a slight downhill and I can freemount about 1/10 on flat ground. I also managed to ride without my hand on the handle grip! very exciting, which I did through the “muni” area of my driveway a few times.

The area around my house is not very good to learn on without being able to freemount, so maybe I can start cruising around now that I’m getting better at it!!

Off to go get my new shoe inserts! I’m very excited for them (Don’t make fun of me)

You’re learning very fast!
Focusing on a strait posture, as well as keeping my head up helped me learn faster. Also helps if you give yourself a target (stick or something) and keep moving it to the furthest distance you’ve riden, then keep trying to beat your target.

Great Job!

I’ve reached the maximum distance for anything with assisted mounting. All the other stuff nearby doesn’t have anything to help me mount, so I need to work on freemounting so I can go further.

How are you free mounting? Pedals at top and bottom or in the middle? I learned with the pedals in the middle first, sort of like a running mount. I push the unicycle slightly forward while applying pressure on the back pedal, then just roll up onto it.

Time for some video

@Stetsom - I have the pedal pointing straight down, sometimes back towards me just a little bit, I try not to be too picky so that I learn how to do it more by feel, as opposed to repition of the same exact way. I can mount about 1/5 times now average. I can usually get on it, but the 4/5 times I don’t succeed is when I try to pedal and just fall over.

Once I can mount, I’m not bad though, I was able to make it down the road 150 feet before I had to stop (There is no more road) The road goes flat and straight for about 100 feet, then it turns left and goes slightly downhill for another 35 feet or so, and then right and straight for another 15 feet and then it stops at my front door. I did this 10 times total and only on one try did I fall off during the length of it. So 9/10! This is my brag moment for the day, so much fun! =D

@ Stand - I have a cam-corder but no firewire cable or editing software besides crappy windows stuff. I have premiere elements somewhere but it’s complete garbage.

Terry “UniGeezer” (MuniAddict) Peterson made a good vid about Freemounting.

Now let me try to find it…

I think I’ve seen it before, as I’ve seen quite a few other videos on freemounting as well. But it would be nice to look again now that I actually have a unicycle…

Day 3!!

I can now ride all the way down the street, down a small hill, then up a small hill of the same size, then around the corner and down a very large hill. I also managed to do a decent bit of offroading. My mounting is still about 1/5 though, it’s not really improving as much as I would like, and I still can’t idle, so I can only succeed on the mount if I can go forward right away.

My whole body is tired… what a work out, I’m so out of shape haha.

You are learning so fast. Today was my first day on the torker. I cut the seat post and got on. I played on a friends last week for an hour or so so I already had a little practice. . I can get down the street and sort of turn. I don’t have any slopes in the area except for the driveway which isn’t much of a slope. It’s pretty easy to go up and down. I would really like to get comfortable so that I don’t have to concentrate so hard while riding. Mounting without support is not for me yet. I practice the motion with a finger against the wall or something. The dumbest thing I’ve done is grab a rocking chair for support rocking chairs are not a good support (duh). I practice in the house too. Carpet, hardwood, and tile are all fun with plenty of obstacles. I wear a helmet indoors. I hope I can progress as fast as you. I want to be good at this now. Patience is a challenge all of it’s own.

I was practicing inside for a while trying to learn to idle (the first thing I tried to do when I put it together) but I was getting bored of that. Plus if you want to try to learn that, definately watch TV or something when you’re trying to idle, that way it becomes more subconcious and it’s easier. But anyways, I got bored, so I went outside, and I started mounting next to my van, then taking off and rolling down the drive way. After a while I found I needed to lean forward more than I wanted to, and I needed to trust my weight in the seat more. After that I got bored so I started trying to freemount next to my van, grabbing on if necessary. I moved my van a few times so that I could go in different directions and such, but eventually, there was nothing more nearby that my van would help with, and there was nothing else to help me get up, so I started just freemounting. At first I was like 1/20, then 1/10. Now i’m like 1/5 sometimes 1/10 still.

It just takes doing it over and over again, and believe in yourself, I was going down the street, and I didn’t expect to go far, but I ended up going really far, and then down a little hill, and I just kept going, I didn’t think I’d be able to make it up the small hill, but I did.

I also try to look between 7 and 20 feet in front of me. And I found I actually shift my balance around when I’m riding, I go from my feet to my seat alot, it’s probably not the best way, but its how my body wants to balance, eventually I’ll be more comfortable in the seat and it won’t be as big of a deal. But if I can mount successfully, I can go pretty far because the forward motion keeps me up better. Going down the hills definately made me better at slowing down my pedals, I used to just go really fast and then fall off because the pedals were spinning too fast.

I get in trouble peddling too fast too! I get to order my 20" uni tomorrow so that will be cool as I’m sure a bigger wheel/longer cranks will help on the hills. I also find that now I am sitting more upright where as before it was easier leaning forward. I cant wait to practice today! The more I learn the more I want to ride.

I still lean forward a bit, but I think I shift my uni back, so it still balances out, but I will get more comfortable with time, I think that’s what adds to my wheel wobbles, I need to try to be more upright.