Davis, California Unicyclist Sighting

A couple hours ago I was riding back to my office from the class I’m a Teaching Assistant for. A guy with medium length brown hair and a beard passed me on a unicycle and asked me where my other wheel was. I was too busy laughing to think to say “You’ve got it!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I caught up to him and we rode and chatted for a bit. Seems he’s been riding a long time, his name is Mike (unless my poor memory is failing me), and I think he used to be involved in the Rec.Sport.Unicycling mailing list–he said “That’s John Foss’s thing, right?” when I asked him whether he was on here.

So anyway, he said he’s interested in getting a Davis unicycling basketball team or some other unicycling sports team going. I said I don’t really live in the area (I commute from around Berkeley–which has its own team…), but that he should use this site to get it going. Hopefully he gets on here and says hi!

By the way, why is it that when I type “unicycling” on a unicycling related forum, it always gets a red dotted underline before being posted (as if it were misspelled)?! :thinking: Is anyone able to add the word to the site’s spellchecker, or is there another option–is this something I can add to my individual spellchecker? I can’t see how to do the latter. I guess I’ll post this under the “Request, Questions, and Bugs on this site” forum if no one has a clear answer. I know, I know, there are more important things to spend time on…

The spell-checker would be a feature of your browser, which you did not identify. I use Firefox, and unicycling doesn’t get the red underline, which I think means I was able to add it to the dictionary (by right-clicking on it). Currently that’s Firefox 3.6.3 on my Mac.

I don’t know who it was you saw out there. There are quite a few unicyclists in the Davis area, and I don’t even know them all. I rode with Aaron Needles from Davis on my Ride The Lobster qualifying ride in 2008. That was the longest ride he’d done to date. Hi back to whoever it was!

The newsgroup/forums aren’t “my thing”, though my wife would probably insist otherwise. But I’ve been around here since before rec.sport.unicycling existed. :slight_smile: If someone were to start a uni basketball group out here, I’d definitely hope to be able to attend regularly!

Thank you, John! I have Firefox as well, have now solved the problem, and am ready to fix similar ones in the future.

Okay you Sacramento-area unicyclists, make it happen!

That’s probably me! (Better late than never?)

At least it seems unlikely there are many brown-haired, bearded unicyclists named Mike in the Davis area…

I was indeed active on rec.sport.unicycling back in the days when usenet was A Thing. I attended the first few California MUNI gatherings in Aubrn and Santa Cruz.
In fact, I stumbled onto these very forums this morning as a result of a “hey I wonder if/when/where the MUNI gathering is this year…” whim.


I’m still around the Davis area, though sadly I do not ride as much as I used to. These days I am more often on two wheels (boo!) as a result of moving out of feasible daily unicycle commuting distance.

[THREAD=88732]Oct 5-8 in Albuquerque[/THREAD], and some of us (well, at least a couple) are stopping at Moab earlier in the week.