David Stone now has a BLOG

I decided to create a unicycle-related blog. First I took my 20 favorite pieces written for this forum and ‘archived’ them. Then I wrote a few newer entries, like about my experience unicycling in Wales.

I added a link to this forum as well as links to Greg Harper and John Foss (both of whom are mentioned in my blog).

I’m not so good still with photos, so I only have two, but I’ll be adding more soon, and I prolly need to add a few links (any suggestions? Tell me on my blog!).

I hope you enjoy the blog, and I welcome any suggestions for improvement.

David Stone

That’s soo cool that you said you cokered up at the parade and talked to that guy because he told us he saw a person on a big unicycle (my brother has one). Me and my brother were there and in that parade. Nice storys.

Thanks for reading the blog, Brian. And it was neat to be able to connect to you. Good luck in Maine! It must be cold out – have fun riding around in the snow this winter! That’s one of my favorite things to do.