Daughter MUni pics

Had to do it. Lets see some others. They are just sooo cute.

That is a great pic!

Here are mine. I should take some new pics soon as these are getting a bit dated (they just keep growing!) :

Great Pic guys. If I only had a digital camara, I’d post my daughters riding too.

Anyone else have pics of their kids riding. --chirokid–

I wasn’t sure if you wanted kid or daughter Muni pics. Here’s King Muni-Man riding in winter.


Re: Daughter MUni pics

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 19:47:51 -0500, aspenmike
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>Had to do it. Lets see some others. They are just sooo cute.

Just the other day I posted Jorga on the ‘Getting high… in
Colorado’ thread.

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Check thread title. :smiley: But since I won’t be the first one to fail to follow directions on this, here’s one of Miles doing a berm shot in the woods near our house.

Great pics!!! I don’t want children…but these pics make me second guess myself… :slight_smile:

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Your kids are all great! Especially your daughter, Mike.


That picture with the cannon looks familiar.