Dates on this year's TOque? Who's going?

TOque: Toronto Quixotic Unicycle Exibition (held at the Toronto Bike Show)

1 or 2 more years, and it will be held as it’s own thing, not part of a b*ke (yeah, I said it) show

let’s have another counter:
I’m going

Going to TOque = 1

I’ll be there I always enjoi trips to the great white north over spring break.


When is it? Sounds like fun.
I probably won’t be able to make it, but who knows, maybe I will!

Team up in this piece yo. fo sho. or somthing.

counter = 5


Depends on when it is. Man, that’s funny, I was just in Toronto a few months ago for the Rubiks Cube championships.
Anyway, if it’s after school ends, I can come. Otherwise, nope.

you were in Toronto? you should have said something, we could have gone rideing. Anyways, i’ll be there.

Count: 6

When is it? I wanna go, but I don’t know where I’d stay. Also don’t know about airfare from SF.

I’m sure there is a city of unicyclists ready to put you up for the night…there was last year

The dates for this years Toque Games are
March 5,6,7th 2004 in Toronto Canada.

It is going to be BIG this year !
Lots of riders coming to Toque 2.

Carl will have a web page with all the details
soon. He just got back from a 3 week trip to Germany so give him some time.

Lots of pumplemousse will be flowing !
The offical fuel of team THEDAN.COM



I’m definitely going. COUNT 7
The Toque games take place from Friday the 5th of March to Sunday the 7th of March, at the Toronto International Bike Show. Carl should have the website up soon
My house is pretty much filled up already but some other Toronto riders might have space for a few people. We’ll do our best.


awesome! its on my march break this year! maybe i can get my parents to take me! im really hoping to finally get out to meet some other unicyclists in real life. and im sure youd all be pleased to meet the famed tugboat too (haha i can dream).

see ya there hopefully,

Damn! Parents have excercised their Veto Power :angry: :frowning: :angry: :frowning: :angry: ! I can’t go. Unless anyone has any tips on how to make $500 appear and get my parents thinking that a weekend of joyus unicycling with the best there is is better then 2 days of school I’ll just end up hating?

Well I just got my leave of absence papers tonight at work, so as long as that goes well,
COUNT 8…I believe

I only live an hour away, but am thinking I’ll stay the whole 3 days, and I don’t want to impose on anyone, soooo anyone know any descent but cheap hotels??? I do mean cheap.

I actually might be up for it (Really, I mean it this time) if I can get a place to stay and someone to haul me around. also, depending on ticket prices.

Here are the basic details on the 2004 TOque Games (the website will be up in the next two days, which will include registration forms) …

When: March 5 - 7, 2004
Where: Toronto International Bike Show (
Cost: Entry prior to February 25 (Trials Comp - CDN$20/UMX - CDN $20)
Onsite registration (Trials Comp - CDN$25/UMX - CDN $25)
T-shirt - CDN$20
What: A weekend of unicycling fun including the following events …

Unicycle Trials: Identical to bike trials where a rider attempts to navigate a series of marked obstacles without having his/her body touch the ground. Kris Holm’s U-level rules (also the official IUF Trials rules) will be used. So it’s 100% stratodab free!

UMX (Uni-Cross): We will race 4 unicyclists head-to-head per heat using the same dirt track as the bikers.

High Jump: As in bike high jump competitions, he who jumps the highest over a bar wins.

Long Jump: He who jumps the furthest wins.

Misc. Small Competitions: A number of smaller competitions will take place. Many of these will be fun non-serious events. Things like pop can crush, best trick contest, coolest unicycle, etc.

As for accomodation many of the local riders open up their houses to guests. Last year we were able to provide free accomodation for visiting riders. Please let me know if you need a place to stay.

If you decide to do the hotel thing then there are two that are relatively close to the event:

Four Points Sheraton, 1926 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Toronto, M6S 1A1 416-766-4392

Comfort Suites, 200 Dundas St. East, Toronto M5A 4R6 416-362-7700

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


That would have been awesome, but I didn’t even have my uni there… Plus I was cubing or sightseeing, like, alllll day. But if I had known you live there, I probably would have found a way.

Oh, and I won’t be able to come. :frowning: It’s during school… sigh. Oh well. Maybe another time.

The Owen is a go’n!

I’ll just take the train up there and stay at my aunts for a couple of nights…(I will however have to put up with my little cousins;) )

Dude, you definitely are famed in the unicyclist community, dont hide it!

Ill be there with Frank (hell-on-wheel). On a side note, can anyone give us a place to stay? :smiley: There will be 3 of us, Dad, Frank, and me.

I think that makes 10, 11, hard to tell because some didnt give numbers…

hey, i actually am going to TOque now for sure. cant wait to see everyone.

count= 12 or something… theres a lot more than that going though.


Actually, I currently have a count of 16 riders that I know will be there. Judging by a few of the posts here there are an additional 4 - 5 that are planning to make it out that I haven’t heard from yet. So, the count is around 20. I’m hoping we’ll get 40.

If you know you’ll be attending send in those registration forms (if you haven’t already) and feel free to drop me a line in e-mail to let me know you’re coming.

There are a number of items that will make this years TOque Games better than the last. We have more space than last year and there are even bleachers for spectators to sit and watch. We have more and better built obstacles … and we will, of course, have a car again this year. And … the t-shirts are going to be really cool.

We have many of the top trials riders in North America attending once again and all in all I think it will be a very exciting event. I’m looking forward to it and I hope you’ll be able to make it out.