Dates for Seattle 2002?

Have dates been set yet for UNICON XI in Seattle.

If not, can I say mid august around the 13th or so. This is really the
only time I could attend, because of Summer School

The tentative dates are:
NUC 2002: July 19 - 23, 2002
UNICON XI: July 25 - August 2, 2002

These are tenative and may have even changed since I last heard about these dates. It’ll be in that general time and I think the UNICON dates probably will not change at all and the NUC dates may change by a day or something.

We are still planning on NUC for registration on July 19, competition
starting on July 20-23. Unicon starts with registration on July 25, with
competition starting on July 26-Aug 2.

Barb NWCUE North West Committee for Unicycle Events Barb K.