Date for Cal Muni 2004?

I know it is a long, long ways off, but my ability to go to the California Muni Weekend 2004 will depend in part on when it is because of my wife’s work schedule (we hoped to make a vacation of it). I assume it is still planned to be at Lake Tahoe as was announced at Cal MUni 2003, and that it will be somewhat earlier in the year because of that. If there are any plans that can be disclosed this early, that would be great. If not, I will just hope for the best.


Since we’ll be riding up at Lake Tahoe, there’s a good chance we will do a day at Northstar or another ski resort. These places close their mountain bike parks at the end of September, meaning we will be in September. So this means either 10-12, 17-19, or 14-26. But I can’t determine which one of those yet until we determine where we want to ride, and if any chosen location has events going on. Nothing like a World Cup Downhill competition to ruin your day!

We will work toward determining the MUni Weekend dates earlier this year than we have in the past.

For 2004, we have enough options that we will probalby have optional different rides on some or all days:

  • Lloyd Johnson’s Trials toys and Lloyd’s Trail (Truckee)

  • Northstar ski resort ( - all winter stuff at the moment)

  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

  • Flume Trail

  • Other area rides recommended by Lloyd

  • Possible parts of Tahoe Rim or Pacific Crest trails

  • Also, games and/or a proper Trials competition if we get our act together!

Thanks John. As it turns out it would probably have to be in August for my wife to go, but we will see how it works out. I am sure it will be a good one regardless of when and where, so I hope I can be there.


Howdy Scott,

Sounds like that knee must still be getting better! Glad to hear you’re already planning a trip back out here. If you and your wife are going to tour CA and Santa Barbara is on the list, let me know and I can help you with figuring out accommodations.


Yeah, just like last year!:wink:

Thanks, Matt. I hope we can do that. My wife’s busiest time at work is September and October, when she has to organize several events including a fund raiser 5K run for a few thousand participants. She also has a plane ticket to anywhere that must be used before Sep 15th. If it won’t work for the muni trip, we need to plan to go somewhere before then. I hate planning ahead, I prefer to just DO, but that doesn’t work well with travel.
Yes, my knee is coming along and I am working out at a gym so I will be up to full strength by the time I can safely get back on the wheel. Cal Muni gives me a goal, and besides the riding I look forward to seeing the good people like yourself that I met at the last one.


Well if she’s so busy, maybe you’ll have to travel with Jerry and I. And we promise not to make you plan ahead.

Its good to hear from you Scott. I look forward to riding with you soon. - Eric

Based on that experience, we will be sure to list only the things we know we’re setting up. If people want to add or make up any additional events, we won’t assume this will happen. My model was the games at the Moab MUni Fest last year, which were excellent, but probably took half the day to figure out and set up.

So are the tentetive dates for cal muni weekend confirmed yet?


Sept 17-19. See