Dartmoor xc commute

I’ve been playing with a helmet camera mount recently, trying to work out the best angle to mount it. Got it about right last week on my way to work.

There’s nothing impressive in the film - it’s just my easy fast xc route to work, mostly on an old railway bed, then on some narrow lanes, completely unedited real-time, no fancy sound track. There is one short rocky descent where I managed to UPD while trying to avoid the worst of the pointy rocks (I was on my 29er with very light and puny Racing Ralph tyre!)

I posted it here because it gives a good idea of what it’s like round here for anyone who’s interested (and it was a nice sunny clear morning so you can actually see stuff, unlike the usual mist!)

I had to split it into four parts to post on YouTube -

The camera actually ran out of memory a few minutes before I got to work, but it got most of the scenic bits.

Now I’ve worked out the angle I might have a go at filming one of the more interesting (riding-wise) bits of trail.


Here are the other parts:




What a beautiful commute. What time was it when you left your house? I am guessing early morning.

Thanks - can’t complain :slight_smile:
It would have been about 8:30am when I left, so not too early.

I liked your aerial shots btw - it’s interesting to see other people’s parts of the world, which is why I posted these clips here really.



I can point the cam straigt ahead, back, straight down, at 45 degrees… need to upgrade to 1080p contour HD cam… found filter adapter and used it to add a fisheye lens!

Wasn’t really intended as an equipment showcase :wink:

Mine’s just a little tripod thread with velcro straps to attach through the helmet vents, with my normal (stills) camera plonked on top. I’m not into filming enough to get a proper setup. I actually find it pretty annoying riding with the camera on my head - it feels surprisingly heavy stuck up there.


what cam are you using? the images look awesome. I’m funny about building stuff, once I start, it just doesn’t end. nice vids. you mentioned having to adjust the cam, so I put pics up showing the two mount points and that the whole thing can slide to point straight down, so I can repeat shots even after I have moved the cam around. Just sharing ideas. too bad you aren’t into filming… you did a good job.

It’s an Olympus mju 8000 - I think they’re called Stylus 8000 in the US. I bought it mostly for its waterproofness because it’s so wet here, but it does take quite decent video at 640x480 30fps. Not good in low light though because of the small lens.

Yes, sorry - I was joking really, wasn’t intended as a put-down. Bit overkill for me though for the amount of use it would get (I saw your even more elaborate electrically-swivelling one as well - that was yours wasn’t it?)

Thanks. It’s just not really my thing - I’d rather be riding than messing about with the camera. And I don’t really like the feel of the camera on my head - I think if I was anticipating doing a lot of this I’d want the camcorder in my camelback and one of those little remote lens/camera things on the helmet.


the camera is just an excuse when I can’t keep up with other riders. Yeah, that’s my electric swivel inverse point of view dork cam. if you want something that weighs less and records without a camcorder that may get crushed when you crash on it in a back pack… Vholdr/contour HD is minimalist, light, water resistant, and beatable.

That is a beautiful way to go to work, Rob. Starting the day like that should put a smile on your dial. Thanks for showing us a very nice piece of the planet.


Thanks Eoin. The road route’s quite fun as well (on a bike - needs the speed). That’s on my YouTube as well if you fancy a look (but the camera angle’s not so good I don’t think - bit too low).