Dartmoor dustbath

Not a big waffly ride write-up I’m afraid; just thought I’d let you all know we do sometimes get some dry weather here! It’s been really hot this week and all the usual soggy paths are utterly dry sandy dust - I even went out without carrying a coat (it’s very unusual to have absolutely no chance of rain).

I hadn’t ridden at all (even a bike) since the muni weekend a week and a half ago because my knee is refusing to heal up after the crash I had on the Sunday (my own fault for thinking I could race Joe and Sam and survive :roll_eyes: ). I took a bridlepath I’d not unicycled before - usually it’s a boggy mess and only really passable on foot, jumping between clumps of reeds, but today it was dry enough to cross on the muni. Very hard going though, it’s pretty much open moor with tufty grass and soft earth, and pretty difficult to find the route (I think it was marked out by Captain Vague on one of his less precise days). Feeling very unfit after ten days of not riding, and with the knee starting to ache a bit (I hope that goes away soon, I’m seriously thinking about entering a race at the end of the month) I was glad to rejoin the main track from Nun’s Cross that will be familiar to muni weekenders for the easy cruise back home (apart from the knee-jolting granite water bars :().

Only about six or seven miles, but I drank nearly a whole camelback of water in the heat. They say it’s going to start raining again at the weekend, so the novelty won’t last long.


The deliberate mistake, based on general knowledge: it’s never dry in Devon. Ever.:wink: