Darren missing?

I haven’t heard from Darren Bedford in 3 days now… usually he replies within 12 hours of my e-mails.

Does anyone know what’s going on with Darren? I hope he is ok, this is very unusual for him to not reply in 3 days!

I’m trying to buy a rim from him, 20" DX32 48h, for my bike, I want something different. I’m curious if he has mailed it yet so I know if I should send him the money.

I’m really just concerned about why he seems to be away for 3 days?

Don’t worry Darren’s on it if not now then very soon. I’ve been in touch with him and he’s got some urgent family business that he’s tending to right now.

Ah, good to hear he is fine (Physically).

sometimes the message doesn’t go through. send him another one.
and you send the check after you get the parts

I know how it works, I have bought from him before.

If an e-mail doesn’t get sent, usually you will get a bounce back message, but I have sent him a few e-mails since Monday.

I know how it works, I have bought from him before.QUOTE]

yet you still ask, and then tell me you know how it works

Duh. So what. :smiley:

Actually, no… I didn’t ask :thinking:

yeah that’s not really asking. if you knew how he worked you would just wait till you got it till and then send the check instead of wondering if he sent the parts or no and whether or not you should send the check

his brother had a liver transplant or something and last week found out he only had about a week to live…


That is kind of private information.

I don’t see a question mark.

Yeah really, I wouldn’t want other people posting that information if I was in that situation.

Ya the detail about his brother is private information but it is true. I recently was on the phone with him. That is the reason he is not checking his email as often right now. give him a break.( hopefully the KH i ordered will be here tomorrow.)