Darren Bedford rocks!

I ordered Darren’s new Rail Adapter/Brake Mount and let me be the first to say it kicks ass! The workmanship, the functionality, the price, quick delivery, etc. etc.
Darren is a real pleasure to do business with, if you haven’t bought anything from him yet then I suggest you do so in the near future.

I’ll post some pics of my uni with his new parts tonight.

Yes. I have had the same experiences. I appreciate you Darren!

i have yet to order from him because i got stuff before being aware of him but definatly will be in the futur. however, i saw his work at toque and he quickly and he easily supported the montreal trials comp and needless to say, i was super impressed.


Just wanted to give this positive thread a little more time up top!!
Go buy something from Bedford if you haven’t already!

Oh, yea…Darren, the T-shirt rocked too! :smiley:

Thanks for the posts guys !

I have been in the US stocking up on parts for the last few days.
I haven’t been on the newsgroup for a while and just saw this post.

Zod, glad you like the parts and service.

Drew, your last order was shipped to Texas on Monday.

By the way, I stopped by Semcycle to drop off parts for Teresa and saw the massive 115’ unicycle
disassembled in a little pile. What a great event that ride was. Another big part of unicycling history.


Yes! I, too, praise the great services and products of Darren!

Three cheers!