Darmstadt hockey thing

I’ve been thinking about going to the hockey tournament in Darmstadt this month, and since I’ve just found a return flight for £30 including taxes I think I’ll definitely go, looks like there’s still a few days left to register. I was just wondering if many people are going from the UK, and when they’re flying over? I’m thinking of flying on the morning of the 18th then back on the evening of the 19th, since presumably there’s no accommodation except on the Saturday night. So if anyone else is flying at those times then let me know, it’d be nice to have someone to travel with, especially as I don’t speak any German.

Loads of people are going

I think most people aim to get there on Friday and find somewhere to sleep over on the Friday night.

By the way, Germany is easy to get around even if you don’t speak German, loads of people speak English fluently.


I’m flying out early friday evening, staying in a local hotel that night then staying on site on saturday and back sun afternoon. Steve C and Bald Stu from Manchester are doing the same.

Ah, I did search, but somehow didn’t see that thread. Cool. It looks like a really good weekend.

I’m going (assuming I get a flight in time). Can someone who’s staying over on the friday let me know the name of the hotel you’re in please? Stu did tell me but I’ve forgotten.

Looking forward to it, it was a great weekend last time I went.


I’m going. I’ll be flying over with the EMUs [1] on the Friday. Don’t ask me any details of things like times, places or where we’re staying though because I didn’t pay attention. I do know that I owe Roland some money and have to get to somewhere by a certain time.

So, does this mean you’ll be playing on Wednesdays as well as Thursdays to try to get the extra practice in?


[1] Yes, ok, cue the jokes about EMUs being flightless…

You want to check with Joachim as quickly as possible as I think that the tournament is limited to 60 places - but if you can definitely go as it a fantastic weekend

Hi Paul,

Stu, Nick & I will be staying in the Etap in Darmstadt. I’ll email you details this evening.


Cheers Steve!