Darlington Trials & Ridewell Pics

Evening all, just a thread to show you some images from the Darlington Trials competition, and the Ridewell cycle awareness day last weekend. I’ll try and annotate as best I can, and the videos from the day should be uploaded by the end of the week, info will appear in this thread…


1st Pic, Simon & Joe warm up, pedal grabbing a concrete block.

Simon, mid 180 hop.

Leigh attempting trials, with Simons coaching.

Tom (DarkTom) Riding the plank-edge rail.

Joe juggles 3 clubs (they’re leighs, thats why one is pink) on the 6ft DM.

Joe chats to Simon. What amuses me most about this pic is they’re the same height off the floor.

Tom gaps between the concrete obstacles.

Joe gets the cr*p battered out of him on the gladiator duel game…

… then falls off the bucking bronco, after latching on like a limpet.

Unicycles invade the Cummins factory!

Then use the marvellously smooth & level floor to glide on…

…a lot.

And obviously use the guard rails for some hopping practice.

Joe hops off the highest obstacle on the course, Tom is far too busy with a healthily neon looking ice lolly.


These are the pics from the sunday at the ridewell safety meeting:

The Course

Simon balances on the edge of a really really wobbly cable reel.

Simon falls in a skip (I told you it was wobbly)

Simon rides one of the plank bridges.

Simon succumbs to the pull of gravity. I like the look on the womans face just behind him.

There are more than this of ridewell, including Simons very impressive high jumps and a very high drop to flat. I’ll see if I can get those clips off the camera soonish and capture more frames…

Credit for Darlington camerawork goes to me, Ridewell video shooting was entirely Leighs handiwork.