Dare to Win - Unicycling on reality TV

There is a reality TV show in its first season here in NZ called “Dare to win”, which the fifth episode featured a unicycle challenge where the contestants were to learn to ride a unicycle… Here is the intro to the segment, where I am seen proudly sporting my unicycle.com (NZ) t-shirt.

I would upload the entire segment, however I am holding off as even this small part is surely considered to be copyrite infringement.

haha can you post the challenge?

hahaha… Thats really really funny…

Thats like perfect, nice little sesh you had going there lol…

I haven’t heard of that show. But I’ve showed people all those tricks except the double flip and never got a reaction like that lol. So how did you end up on the show? It’s pretty awesome that you were unicycling on national TV. Should ask TVNZ to put you on the news or something lol.

I’ll watch the full show next month when I’m back on full speed internet to see how the contestants did. Learning to ride in a week isn’t hard but learning to turn around cones would be.

EDIT: That prick called it a bike!

Wow that’s awesome, and really nice tricks you did there.

Has the part where they perform the challenge been on TV yet? If not when is it on? I checked the TVNZ website and it’s not on there yet.

It was on last night, the man that got picked completed the challange!

Wow, not bad for only a week. I s’pose he would’ve been practising all week though. I would if it was for a prize.


I like the accents.

I believe he won a widescreen TV and a… fridge? I think it was a fridge anyway.

He won a variety of prizes valued at $10,000 for himself and his three friends.
When we set the challenge I really doubted that they would do it.

He said he rode about 3-4 hours a day for the 7 days, and really proved that unicycling is a possible feat.
They can also be seen free mounting during the segment which was cool considering they had no help training (that I know of).

Hey Muzzle how did you get on this show in the first place?

Through some friends of mine, they were featured on the first couple of episodes (silk cloth cup pull, ladder walk, bucket head and table cloth pull)

quite a resemblance to who dares with mike whitney.

Marky Mark and Pauly Paul! I saw the bucket head one.

That would be hilarious if one of them had a unicycle as a kid or something, and still had like half of their skillz!!!

Yeah, bucket head guy was an epic fail.
Marky Mark and Pauly Paul are wicked tho, definately friends of the unicycle community, and kind enough to provide practice space for the Auckland unicycling, juggling and circus arts community!

Here is the entire episode on TVNZ on demand.
I dont know if it’s available to view, so if someone will let me know that would be cool.
I also don’t know how long it will be online here.

It says its for new zealand viewers only!
And now it says it is not available for me to view.

Same here. You would be most appreciated if you could put it on you tube.