Dare Devil DVD

Hi all,

I missed the Dare Devil show on carton tv and was wondering if anyone had recorded it.

My e-mail is tobylewisis@hotmail.com


I would like a copy too!
If anyone with it is going to BUC and have a coy of it, they could send me it, and I can pay them for the DVD and postage at BUC. I can return if they wanted it back

Please PM me,


what the hell?

some one at swum had a dvd with the dare devils show and a load of other internet stuff it was cool.

Roger has a copy of the Daredevils thing ask him… He had it playing at the unimeet at Exeter.


I made the DVD and several people have copies including Roger. If anyone want’s a copy PM me and we can try to sort something out. Maybe the Dardevils bit will find its way onto the net in a lower quality version for those who who can’t see it otherwise :wink:

Cheers, Gary

will you be coming to BUC? or can someone eho has a copy bring it and show it at BUC?


Try and stop me :smiley:

If anyone wants me to do them a copy for BUC11 let me know I am willing, I only need cover costs so I can’t make dozens just in case, this is ‘not for profit’. Roger’s got a copy if you just want to see it and I guess he’ll have it there for people to see.

Cheers, Gary

Im borrowing Rogers :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways Gary. See you at BUC