danscomp grind plate

hi, I was wondering if the danscomp lecan grind plates would fit my snafus pedals. also are they heavy enough to counter balance the pedal so that the side with the pins is up?


I dont know about fitting onto the pedals, but it will cause it so the pedal will have pins up, and plate down =p

ok thanks.

Yes the plates will fit your snafus. they are a fantastic investment and make grinding heaps easier (but pedal-grabbing harder). i dont think they weight the pedals much differently because remember that when you are putting them on, you lose all the weight from the pins on that side. i land on my grindplate all the time after unispins and stuff so if im not grinding i take it off.



Are they easy to put on and take off?


Not really. you have to get them in there in an awkward position.
I have one on a magnesium pedal and I have never landed on it, just loosen the pedal up a bit.